Saturday, June 10, 2006

Pride And Prejudice (The Smiling Infidel Version)

These pictures reveal the culprit as to my erratic blogging ways this past week. I've been mowing, digging, weeding, planting, watering, fertilizing, and waging a fight to the death against predatory fire ants. All accomplished while working directly under the scorching sun, and in temperatures reaching the mid 90's.

My secret hope is to finally win the long coveted prize of, "Yard Of The Month", but competition around here is cut-throat. Most of our neighbors hire professional landscaping services to put in their planters and keep up their weekly yard maintenance. We're probably the poorest folks in the whole neighborhood. Consequently, I take care of our yard by myself, with occasional assistance from my own amateur crew of six kids, who handle minimal gardening, mosquito swatting, and lemonade fetching duties.

Papi takes great delight in telling people that he's a Mexican man that has a white lady taking care of his yard. Then he smiles and mentions how he's an integral part in obliterating stereotypes one at a time. Whatever.


Radioactive Jam said...

I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that last part or I'd have sprayed and/or spewed fluid from mouth and nose.

Hope you win both contests. And if your challenges slack off and you need additional fire ants, let me know. We have plenty.

omar said...

:sigh: You had me at "mowing."

Elizabeth-W said...

As the Utahans say O My Heck! And you're teasing me about my cooking. If I'm betty crocker you're what? bob vila?? or whatever the yard equivalent is :) papi has a delightful humor.
I've been thinking about you and those blasted fire ants. I hated those things as a kid--I would get the hugest welts from those things.

Miss Biotech said...

Fire ants are bad - they need to be eredicated.
I love what you have done with the plants though. Especially the top right picture. Very purdy.
Who votes for "Yard of the Month" BTW?

Moi said...

She wouldn't be Bob Vila if she's doing yardwork. It's more of a *gasp!* Martha Stewart thing she's doing there with her yard. If we had a bloggers yard contest, you'd totally win. Well, against me anyway. We cleaned out the garage instead of doing yardwork.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Good thing you don't live around here Omar. I don't believe in "friendly" competition when it pertains to gardening.

Thanks for your good wishes radioactive. If I win, I'll share some of my fabulous booty with you. Okay, that sounded really, really wrong.

I've built up super immunity elizabeth. It's hard for mere ant drones to bring down a Queen B. like myself. :)

miss biotech!!! Long time, no see! I'm counting on you using your skills gleaned from a Communist country upbringing, to infiltrate the homeowners association, and swing all votes in my favor. Are you up to the challenge? I'll let you take my favorite cattle prod along in case things don't go our way.

My house and garage are pig sty's. So, please just allow me to continue to back in the glory that is my yard.

Julie said...

I am botanically impaired. Now I have flower garden envy, and it's all your fault.

Nice flowers. I hope you win.

jams o donnell said...

Nice pics. I hope you win. I can only imagine that gardening in the mid 90s a temperature we only get occasionally here (I thank every deity I can think of for that!).

Over here, she who must be obeyed is glad to have a slave to do her garden bidding, especially when it comes to gettting rid of teh brambles that still like to infiltrate the garden and the holly leaves.. but such is life!

After a pretty wet May we have temperatures in the mid 80s now and the garden has really taken off.. Can't say I enjoy that level of heat though (I am such a wimp!). Posted some more flower pics on my own blog

Lianne said...

I am so incredibly jealous I can hardly stand it... your flowers are beautiful now and in a few weeks will be breathtaking.

But I have to say, as funny as your last paragraph was, Omar's comment did make me laugh out loud.

Mimo said...

Beautiful! If Carrot starts the Carrot Awards, I'll nominate you for the Beautiful Yard/ Blog Slacker award. I bet you'd win.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I don't deserve all your adoration, but thanks. I garden by what's on sale and what flower would survive in temperatures that rival roasting in Hell. Voila! That means this year it's all about Zinnias, Verbena, Day Lilies, and Angelonia. I planted two Crape Myrtles also.

Like I said, my house is in shambles. All my years of hard work; painting, wall papering, and decorating, have been destroyed. Gardening is more gratifying to me because it stays in pristine condition much, much longer than a just cleaned house with six kids living in it.

jams o donnell said...

How would mediterranean drought resistant plants fare in Texas? I am thinking of Lavender, Thyme, hardy geraniums etc?