Monday, June 12, 2006

What Atrocity Have You Unleashed On An Unsuspecting World, Simon Cowell?

Jaw dropping, brake squealing, abject disbelief moment of the day.

I like listening to my XM Satellite Radio while working in the morning. One of my favorites is the Euro Trash station, UK POP. Initially, the song playing sounded vaguely familiar, then I realized ,with wide eyed disgust, that it indeed was a pitchy lounge lizard, cabaret version of Outkast's, "Hey Ya". Isn't it a little bit early to release a remake of such an already execrable ditty? It gets even better. The singer, Will Young, happens to have the distinguished honor of winning the very first Pop Idol contest (American Idol's counterpart) in England. Please, be a responsible citizen. Just say NO to cheeseball remakes of cheeseball songs.

If you want a sample of some of England's finest, I highly recommend The Delays. Their new single, Valentine, is superb, and making the rounds as the official BBC background music for World Cup soccer coverage. I'm linking their blog here. Your assignment is to scroll down and watch the video for Valentine. Highly entertaining, and catchy. Don't blame me if the song causes you to suddenly start dancing wildly and shaking your moneymaker all around. Just one of it's pleasant side effects.


Pablo said...

Sounded a little bit like Hanson to me. Not bad pop, really...

the flying monkeys said...

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elasticwaistbandlady said...

HOLY CRAP......HANSON???!!!!??? C'mon Pablo, The Delays are a far cry from the pimply pre-pubescent sound of little boys who had yet to have their testicles descend. MMMM BOP, made my time honored list of the worst songs ever. The Delays are so versatile, easily maneuvering between 60's British rock sound, to electronica, and pop. They're the shiznit.

Hello obokun. I knew my roasting of Che Guevara on a blog frequented by those left of center, would get less than a positive reaction. People wearing stuff with his stinky, beret wearing mug on it, have neglected to remember his role in history. "Rebel Without A Clue", aptly describes him. Ask a Cuban how they feel about Che. I have, and formulated my opinion accordingly.

Radioactive Jam said...

And here I thought Simon's name was Crowell. Guess that's what happens when you live in a self-imposed cultural vacuum: you suck at trivia.

Miss Biotech said...

The Delays' song did not load. I will try to load it again later.
Meanwhile I am enjoying Röyksopp. Pretty cool music, makes me happy.
Thanks for sharing, Smiling.

Syar said...

I have no speakers. therefore, I cannot be enlightened by music that may or may not sound like Hanson. I do however, have Hanson songs on my computer at home.

I'm making dangerous life choices here.

Wasn't it Gareth Gates that won Pop Idol? Oh wait, google has proved me wrong. Hey Ya should never be remade. I liked that song, but take out the jazz fingers and Outkast and you've got yourself...cheese. that's all that's left. stinky, icky, non-edible, non-listenable cheese. and not the good kind of cheese where its good when its bad.

I hope you got that.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

We don't watch TV, radioactive, but American Idol is inescapable. COWELL; rhymes with SCOWL.

miss biotech, you must own a super duper fancy keyboard that allows accent marks. Mine doesn't. I'm jealous.

Yes. Processed Cheez In A Can=GOOD
Moldy Cheese=BAD