Wednesday, October 25, 2006

BUTT CAMP Revisited

Part One:Butt Camp

My clan in their custom family crest shirts courtesy of Mormon Family Man. This was taken immediately after Talent Show night at the open air facility located directly behind the kids. Yep, they participated. What's their talent? Why singing and dancing to cheeseball songs, of course. They truly are MY children. They choreographed their own routine to "Octopus's Garden", and every time the song said something about an octopus they all lined up behind each other and flailed their arms around. Very amusing. Not better than the kids who re-enacted a scene from Monty Python and The Holy Grail, but still amusing.

Infidels minus one. My son Buster was too busy making beaded crafts surrounded by a circle of girls to bother with family photo time. I like this picture because it showcases the loveliness of the Texas Hill Country. We did see several bearded mountain goats during the week, but never while I had my camera with me, of course.

Melody and Boo Boo outside the Ranch House earning their daily bread and butter just by looking cute.

We competed as a family in an obstacle course of different tasks. Our best performance though, was shown in the unwrapping Hershey Kisses using only toothpicks event. We then had to spear and eat the Kiss. Chocolate, the great motivator.
Yes, this camp is a little slice of heaven on earth, but it also meant shaking out our sleeping bags and shoes every day to make sure scorpions and tarantulas hadn't nestled inside. Yes, we did actually see scorpions, tarantulas, and snakes, oh my!


omar said...

I was all ready to pack the bags and head on a family trip to Butt Camp, until you mentioned scorpions and tarantulas.

SalGal said...

Yeah, me too! (shuddering like an epileptic)

And WTH? Tortilla dogs? Somebody call the Food Police!

Mimo said...

Wow, what a trip you had! I love seeing pictures as much as you do. Your kids are the cutest!

You are a brave, brave woman to sleep where there are tarantulas and scorpions!

jams o donnell said...

Tarantulas and scorpions? Hmm I'll pass too!

No Cool Story said...

Hey! Where did my comment go?

Blogger is just being a pain lately.
Anyways, it said something like "ITA with omar, I was ready to pack and head to Butt camp, but after reading about the buggies I told myself no way, jose" or something like that.

Carrotjello said...

Snakes and scorpions. One more reason not to move to Texas. I know, you were hoping I would, but I just can't know. I have an extreme fear of all things poisonous.
Hey, btw, I got my old blog back. I reclaimed it from the pornographers. Jerks.

Radioactive Jam said...

I remember seeing many scorpions during our brief time living in Austin, but no tarantulas. I'm jealous.

And the fact most of the scorpion sightings were indoors - at work - had almost nothing to do with our decision to leave. But! (Ha! Again!) that's only because it was my employer. Had the Radioactive Spouse happened upon a scorpion at work - or anywhere, for that matter - we'd have packed and moseyed like, the next day I think.