Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hey! I Wanna Be Like You Babe.....

I Wanna Walk Like You, Talk Like You Too!

I had a very difficult time deciding on a Halloween costume this year. As I wandered through the aisles at Walgreens Pharmacy at midnight, the thought occurred to me that I could dress up as a "Drugstore Cowboy." I set about to find a cheap straw hat, bandana, and a Walgreens T-shirt, but then a beacon of light shone its way through my lame costume mental fog, and led me to the promised aisle. Yes, the aisle which contains all things holy and half-priced. Some more than half-priced because they really are holey. There, inspiration smacked me upside the head, and I spied the most gorgeous, rainbow hued, built-in-toed socks man has ever created. At the cost of $3.00 plus tax, I made them my own.

Now, what does one do exactly with long rainbow striped socks in a humid place like Houston? The only possibility that sprung to my mind was that they were requisite gear for prancing around in the downtown Gay Pride Parade. That wouldn't do for me though, I knew these socks must be saved for a loftier goal. Now, I know an extremely clever blogger who has mastered more than one language, has amazing insight even though she's only a teenager, writes poetry, creates custom graphics and blogging templates, and I knew then that for Halloween I want to be JUST LIKE SYAR, the crown jewel of Malaysia! No, make that I want to BE SYAR!

I've watched "Single White Female" 146 times, and I find Jennifer Jason Leigh's character to be unfairly stigmatized. Yeah, she wanted to kill Bridget Fonda and take over her life. What's the big frickin deal? Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery, and I AM SYAR's NUMBER ONE FAN, after all...........BWAHAHAHAHAHA!



jams o donnell said...

THey aren#t socks at all...I think you were bitten by a mutant Zebra. one with psychedelic colours and in fact you are now turning into the all new Zebra woman, with added Quagga power!

A Payne said...
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A Payne said...

You are going to be a teenage Malaysian blogger for Halloween?! How clever!

I would copy you and be my favorite Singaporean blogger, Pretzel at Pregnant Pandas Prefer Pink Pajamas, but she dresses too high end for me.

Did you know that Singaporeans and Malaysians don't like each other? It's weird.

omar said...

You sure you canceled that contract with Paulie Walnuts?

No Cool Story said...

Go ZEEBRAHwoman!
Give me a Z!

mullet said...

nice socks!

on.the.run said...

A couple of years ago my kids asked me what I was dressing up as and I said "a mom." They asked "who's mom?" I said "Heber's I guess." So I put on a baseball cap with my usual clothes and that was enough to satify their need for me to be costumed.

Mimo said...

Those socks are in every sock drawer in Minnesota I bet! Very stylish in the winter ;) And they keep each individual toe toasty warm.
Happy Halloween!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

jams- I'll let you in on my deep, dark secret, jams. You're right, they aren't socks after all, I just went crazy with a multi-pack of colored magic markers!

a payne- Yes, I'm going to be a teenage Malaysian blogger alright, but not just for Halloween.....

omar- My new motto: If you can't beat em, become them.

NCS- I'm fresh out of Z's after screaming "SHAZAM!" all day long. May I offer you a complimentary Y or W though?

mullets- My daughter, Monkey has already staked and claimed them as her own. I guess my feet will have to make due with my many pairs of monkey socks this winter.

on the run- I authorize you to be me next year for Halloween. It's real easy, just gain a bunch of weight, don't cover any gray hairs, buy some weird sockwear and equally weird T-shirts, and let your crusty heels reign razor free!

mimo- I'm having toe envy complex right now because Syar's toes fill her stripey socks out better than I do. That hussy, I bet she takes Kleenex and stuffs!

Syar said...

ok, doy.

I didn't think the socks meant you posted about me (or wanting to be me) as well, so thanks for the heads up.

I too think that this is by far the most original haloween costume idea ever. but I'm probably biased.

and a.payne, we have no reason to like those bloody singaporeans! they steal all the good concerts. BOO SINGAPORE!

ok, I just noticed that you called me a hussy.

so you weren't kidding about single white female? but I'm not white! and I can't help it if I have curvy toes. maybe its cultural. I'm both flattered and a wee bit scared. :-)

Syar said...

I'd post with my display pic too but (a) logging in to beta blogger is a bitch and (b) wouldn't want to start another sock showdown.

Radioactive Jam said...

Better a sock showdown than a shock hoedown, that's what I never say.