Sunday, November 19, 2006

Meet Saint Tamra

of the Our Lady Of Perpetual Laundry And Eternal Chocolate Chip Cookie Sanctuary!

See that face? The face of an angel, I tell you, and the sweet sister who introduced me to the world of homeschooling. She also put up with my endless blathering while assigned as my monthly visiting teacher. The patience of Jobe. Sadly, her only flaw is a profound lack of gossiping skills.

Anyway, not only does she raise seven children, yes, SEVEN, she one upped us in the Mormon family planning competition, but she also maintains a career as a talented published author. Do you have teen girls? Well, Tamra Norton and her Molly Mormon series, and her newer book, "Comfortable In My Own Genes" would make a superb Christmas gift. Located for purchase on her web site: Pimping good books is what I do best. Why, yes, I am wearing my crushed red velvet huggy bear suit and peacock feathered hat today. Why do you ask?

Her brand new, non LDS market novel for pre-teens is titled, "Make Me A Memory", and it follows the experiences of a young girl forced to move to Idaho with her family as her engineer father leaves for a tour of duty with the Army in Iraq. This book has garnered numerous honors including the selection of the month for Utah Literacy Awareness handpicked by Utah's First Lady, and a special grant written up for purchase and distribution of the book to all of the children left behind at Fort Hood while their parents are serving our country. Also, my oldest daughter has a blurb that she used on the press junket, and on the web site. Woot!

Her funniest moments take you by surprise with subtlety. For instance, every recipe submitted to our Ward Cookbook by her, is followed by this phrase, "Place cookies on CLEAN countertops to cool." After having six kids of my own, I now know why the emphasis must be placed on the words CLEAN countertops.

Well, she has now joined the blogging arena at bloggers mortal enemy, Live Journal. So, if you have a moment, or if you've read some of her books, drop by and tell them Large Marge sent ya. Wait, that was Pee Wee Herman. No, tell them your friendly neighborhood Infidel sent you.


jams o donnell said...

Wow it looks like you have landed on your feet there.

Is the visiting teacher a mandatory thing?

No Cool Story said...

I am wearing my crushed red velvet huggy bear suit and peacock feathered hat today.
Super Happy Girl wants this hat. Now.

tell them your friendly neighborhood Infidel sent you. Would doing this get me special treatment? first in line rights? A t-shirt?

Mimo said...

Neat! I haven't read any of her books, but my girls are too little right now for at least this one.

a_bad_hair_life (aka "Saint Tamra" said...

To my dear sister-of-the-elastic-waistband-society and all things chocolate chip,

You're the best, and if I ever land an agent and make it onto Oprah, we're ditching the kids and guys and heading for a girls retreat in Chicago. Do you suppose you can get a decent cookie there?

Tami :)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

jams- Women come to expect their monthly visits, you know. :) It's a program set up in the church where two sisters companion to go and visit another sister during the course of the month. The objective is to deliver a short message found in the church magazine, and inquire about the well being of the family. I'm the worlds worst visiting teacher, and Tamra is the world's best. Yin and Yang again.

NCS- I would, but I stole the hat from Snoop Dogg, and I had to get it back to him before he sent his Dogg Pound out after me. You'd think all that weed would have mellowed him out more.

mimo- Jake is the perfect age for Make Me A Memory. It's geared towards 7th to 9th graders. Great read.

TAMMY!!!!!-Forget the cookies, we're going to eat Frango Mints at the Chicago Marshall Fields until we pass out!

a_bad_hair_life said...

Surely you mean Make Me a Memory is for 7 to 9 year olds (not 7th to 9th graders). :)

And I'm all ready for our trip. The tums are packed. Now just waiting for Oprah's people to call.