Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You Spin Me Round Round Baby Round Round

Raise your hands if that classic little slice of the 80's is stuck in your mind now.

Ever wonder what kind of Christmas card an avowed Infidel would send out? Well, wonder no more! Here's the big unveiling. I found these cards on sale at the end of the season last year at Dillard's and I knew that I just had to have them. The spinner actually works too and I've already spent countless hours asking it if I'm the fairest of them all, and if he loves me or loves me not. The spinner just keeps landing on NAUGHTY and MOSTLY NAUGHTY though. What's that supposed to mean???!?? I got more life altering answers from my awesome Magic 8 Ball. The stickers shown below the card is a pivotal part of the signed, sealed, and delivered card process. There is nothing more festive than a stoner hippie Santa Claus. Climb up on his lap kids and smell the incense and peppermints! He's guaranteed to always have a giggle for you and the cookie munchies. Jerry Garcia would definitely approve of this sticker too except he always preferred to say "Piece On Earth, maaaan." I have to ration out my super groovy stickers now because the supply is running low. I purchased a whole bag full of them 10 years ago and I've never seen another one since. Something tells me there's a commune up north somewhere with a psychedelically painted Volkswagen bus full of the remaining stock of Hippie Santa stickers.

Since none of you will give me your actual names let alone your actual physical address here is your Christmas card. From my Infidel house to yours!


Gloria Glo said...

Hmm...per your last entry, who is it REALLY that protects their identity so carefully?

Thanks for the Christmas card! I move so regularly that none ever find me. The virtual one will represent all those sad lost cards.

jams o donnell said...

I love the stoner santa, ewbl! I would dearly love to find some (and if I did, a load would be sent to crackertopia!) As for the spinner, being an evil leftie I suppose I should have evil, very evil, undescribably evil and Sean Penn.... (or the UK equivalent). Are you set fair for a great xmas celebration?

Demosthenes said...

Gaaahhh! Get it out! Get it out! Must... listen... to something... else...

compulsive writer said...

it's really hard to type a comment while 1 hand is raised in the air...

...like a record player...

Elizabeth-W said...

I love(d) that song!
So if I gave you my name and address, you'd send me one? I'm contemplating calling your bluff...

No Cool Story said...

I love MY card, thanks Elastica, you are so thoughtful.
Ditto on what Elizabeth W said.
And then I wondererd if I'd get one of those rationed stickers.

PS. Why does Santa's shirt have fried eggs on it?

Mimo said...

Are those fried eggs?
Thanks for the card EWL, I know that you'd send me a real one if you had my address, but you do have my real name, so it woulnd't take a lot of detective work to find me. Carrot could help you, she's a sleuth.
I hope you and your cute family have a very merry Christmas!

A Payne said...

G Glo-I move pretty regularly too, thanks to prune tablets. Give ME your real address and I will send you some.

I put glitter in all my snail mail correspondence. People love that!

No Cool Story said...

A payne is so naughty with the glitter thing, I bet when she spins the little thing on her card, it points to "Mostly Naughty".

EWBL, you made me go to Youtube and watch the video.
Your spinny thing points to "Naughty".
Yes, definAtely.

PS: Much Gayer version here (waaaa! my eyes!!).
PS2:Fat Monica dancing.
See what you made me do?

carronin said...

Thanks for the card, and for the trip down memory lane. Back to the good old days when REAL men wore eyeliner and used curling irons.

Julie said...

Dang. I always thought they said "You spin me right round."

Thanks for the virtual card.

Mimo said...

Bwhahahaha! Thanks No Cool for that clip of Monica... I totally forgot about that! :D

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Wahhhhh! Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and half of Thursdays are all work, no blog days for me. :( How I wish to be independently wealthy and fill my days with bon bon eating and blogging.

glo!- Would it freak you out to receive a completely unexpected card from a blogger that you didn't give an address to? Will it make you look over your shoulder whenever you type? Will you automatically think, "I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me?"

jams- I have the Whoopee cuhsions and rubber vomit lined up for the stockings hung with care and I took care of my upper lip hair.....so, YES, bring on the Christmas festivities!

demosthenes- See the power us old fogeys and our classic 80's rock have over you younguns? Much better than the EMO movement.

compulsive writer- Don't forget the pirate patch! Makes me think of coz's blog entry.

elizabeth- I got two left. Expose yourself!

NCS- The fried eggs came from when he was in those commercials with the egg that represents "your brain on drugs." Munchies are killer, man. For you, NCS, TWO stoner Santas and a partridge in a pear tree.

mimo- Merry Christmas to you, MIMO! It's better this way since nothing will get lost on the mail or defiled with any unidentified "marks" from the Post Office.

A Payne- Only evil people send out glitter and styrofoam peanuts with their correspondence. You are a bad housekeepers worst nightmare!

NCS- The guy from Dead Or Alive is an anti-American idiot. Pretty tough talk for a "Dude Looks Like A Lady!" The second video, well, lets just say that those guys have not aged very gracefully. Spinning round round is not a youth preserver like they once thought. First time I've ever seen ever video. Last time I'll ever see either video.

carronin- Don't forget the gauchos and blue eyeshadow. I've been telling people for twenty years that NOBODY looks good in gauchos or blue eyeshadows. Not even transexuals.

julie- I'm no expert in the language of Gay Punk. You may be right though.

mimo- She stole my moves! I should've trademarked my original doughnut dance.

mullet said...

merry fooking Christmas to you and papi and the kids! I hate it....but i respect that you like it!

merry christmas!

No Cool Story said...

The guy from Dead Or Alive is an anti-American idiot, hmm, didn't know that or him at all. Is the guy/dude anyone at all?
I think him and Rosie should have a gay affair or something.
Talking about Rosiebarf, did you read this?, who watches that show, speacially when they have that as a host.
Just my 2¢ (peso cents, which tranlsates to minus dollars).
NCS out!

omar said...

Nice find, on the cards! That's year-round fun.

The santa at my local mall looks very similar to that stoner santa...

Rhonda said...

I'll take a chance and give you my address for one of those cards! ;)

Heck, you could probably just drop it by.