Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Abuelita Is HOTTER Than YOUR Abuelita!

This is a chocolate styled shoutout to No Cool Story and all those shivering in the frigid weather.

There's nothing I love more on a cold winter day than to stick my Abuelita into the crockpot accompanied by a few cups of milk, and then cook her to a rich, chocolatey brown perfection. I keep my Abuelita stored away in the cupboard but we do bring her out for special occasions. Our Abuelita is browner than most of the family, but thats okay, we're not racist. We adore her just the way she is. It doesn't offend her in the least when we mix in a little vanilla either. My kids love their Abuelita so much that they fight to be close to her and tell her all the time how very good and sweet she is.
Feareth not for the Infidel Grandmothers,I'm referring to this Abuelita. Made with all the things that are right with this world like cocoa, sugar, and a heavy dose of cinnamon; Abuelita really cheers us up on a dreary, drizzly day. We see more of her than our regular Mexi Grandma, and she's infinitely more comforting and warm too. No, Abuelita never disappoints and she's always there for us in our time of need. We're bonafide Abuelita lovers! However, given the majority of Spanish speakers in good old Houston, that is a phrase which I shall never scream out loud at the Fiesta grocery store. Especially because it makes the other love of our life, Milo, insanely jealous. We're not selfish. Come on down, and we'll share some of our Abuelita with you too. All of the pleasure, none of the "You didn't write me a thank you note because you don't care about me" guilt that your regular Grandma gives you!


No Cool Story said...

Abuelita has a wiki entry?? She totally deserves it!! W00T!

You know what is sad? One of my friend bought Abuelita –in Mexico- because she has read my very many posts of praise and love for her.
She didn’t like it. On one of our girls’ night out, she brought her Mexi Abuelita and milk, and thus I made the following stunning observations: the Mexican Abuelita was much smaller (needed more tablets to make the same amount of chocolate) and darker than the gringo kind, also, it’s has more cinnamon flavor and less sugar.
I made my American Abuelita. My official Mexican verdict is: Gringo Abuelita wins, hands down. She is richer, fatter, sugarier than her South of the border counterpart.
Coincidence? I think not.

Milo? Oh EWBL, I have not introduced my niƱos to Milo…I know, bad Mexican that I am. My excuse, a trip to the local mexi store is not something I look forward to, at all.
I should though, it’s part of my heritage.

No Cool Story said...

BTW: your post made me super Happy.

A Payne said...

Did someone say "hot"?

Elizabeth-W said...

I love Abuelita!!!! I haven't made any in years. That is going right on my grocery list!!

jams o donnell said...

Abuelita? I had never heard of it before. Ach it doesn't look like it's sold here. It sounds nice though although I am not a big chocolate drinker (just a fat one!)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I was at NCS' house for GNO and tasted the Abuelita. She was tongue-scaldingly hot (speaking of hot) but good. I look forward to more gringo Abuelita soon.

Demosthenes said...

That is one plump old lady. More grandmotherly than Hollywood's pathetic excuse for Ma Joad.

Carrotjello said...

Er...loosely translated, doesn't that mean something like "Little Grandma"? I'm not sure I'd drink something called little grandma, but thats just me.

emma jo said...

Mmmm, abuelita.

compulsive writer said...

Hey--we made it up to a positively balmy 25 degrees today! HooRAY!

What I need is the recipe for the hot chocolate featured in the movie "Chocolat." It's positively enchanting.

Chris said...

I'm sure if it's sold here in Malaysia, the fervent Milo worshippers would probably burn the poor old lady's factories for intruding on their territory.

We Malaysians take our hot chocolate drinks very seriously.

carronin said...

Did someone say chocolate? said...

Don't you wish your abuelita was hot like mine....

elasticwaistbandlady said...

NCS- I made you happy? My job here is done! Oooh, we make Milo shakes in the blender and drink it while eating concha bread. How Mexi cultured are we?

A Payne- Abuelita's hot, for sure. But not as hot as you. Your title is still safe! Besides, you're a HOT MAMA. Abuelita is a HOT GRAMMA.

elizabeth- Shouldn't you love your Abuelita? Shouldn't everyone love their Abuelitas? The scriptures say that we should.

jams- More Chocolate in your diet will darken up your ghostly white skin, jams. Ask No Cool Story. Safer than tanning beds!

millie- Looking forward is always preferable to looking behind. That's my Confucius moment of the day.

dem- You calling my Abuelita fat, punk? My Abuelita will come and kick your Abuelitas arse!

carrot- Everyone needs a "little grandma" in their life.......and their belly.

emma jo- Now I know what to give you when you leave Houston for greener pastures. *sniff* The gift of a little grandma for you and your family, emma jo, that will travel with you and keep you happy!

compulsive- I think you need a dose of Johnny Depp to make that kind of magic happen. If they sold that at the stores, it would be a hot item.

christo- I thought you guys were too consumed with your chewy ball drink action to worry much about hot chocolate. Hmmmmm.

carronin- You have a standing invitation to partake of Abuelita chocolate with me y la familia.

on the run- Dont'cha, baby? Don't cha?

compulsive writer said...

EWL: Amen!

carronin said...

EWL, I'm coming over what's your adress?