Friday, March 30, 2007

Infidel Featured 'Gotta Have Mas Cowbell' Song Of The Month

Hot Chip-Over And Over

We all have our own specific musical preferences in the Infidel household.

9 year old Buster likes to get down and groove to a rousing chorus of 'Doo-Doo's' in his music. Naturally, he counts The classic Police song, "De Doo Doo Doo De Da Da Da," and Suzanne Vega's Doo-Doo filled song "Tom's Diner," among his favorites. The reigning Prince of pop in Turkey, Tarkan, even has an entire song in Persian called "Dudu." Buster loves that one best of all. He's so multi-cultural in his Doo-Doo love. Don't substitute crappy Green Day "Dookie," for Doo-Doo in Buster's music rotation though.

10 year old Monkey fills with unbridled delight when the pop stars of today and yesterday spell out the words in their songs. Thanks Gwen Stefani, Bay City Rollers, and Fergie!

11 year old Sunbum prefers a 'Na Na Na' beat in her music. Journey followed her musical specifications perfectly in their song, "When The Lights Go Down In The City," which etches the 'Na Na Na' record of 2 whole minutes! British band, Kaiser Chiefs, has an entire song dedicated to nothing but the smooth, delicious sound of the 'Na Na,' called, what else?, "Na Na Na." When Sunbum feels desperate for her 'Na Na Na' fix she'll even resort to 50's doo wop group Sha-Na-Na.

7 year old Caterpillar moves her spirit fingers when a good old-fashioned hand clapping song fills the air. Yes, indeed, that girl loves the clap. Well, not 'The Clap, mind you. The creme de la creme of her playlist include Scissor Sister's clappy "Don't Feel Like Dancing," and some vintage clap that can be heard in Rose Royce's "Car Wash."

This 32 year old cracker has a fever though. The fever that only the sharp ping sound of the magnificent cowbell can cure. I'm all about the cowbell. I practically burst with excitement when the 80's station plays the opening strains of Loverboy's "Everybody's Working For The Weekend." Nothing but pure cowbell joy, baby! Hot Chip's "Over And Over," is the featured Infidel 'Gotta Have Mas Cowbell,' song of the month. No, maybe the millennium! This song is so catchy. We listen to it over and over and over and over, like a monkey with a miniature cymbal! Morning, noon, or night, the time is always right for a dose of cowbell.


No Cool Story said...

Your Magic 8 ball was right (does it give you the winning lottery numbers?, then I would be very impressed).
I don't know what Tarkan, but to him I say "yes!". Hot Chip's video is cool, I am so getting that song.
The Infidels' home is a cornucopia of musicality in all its forms. For that I salute you.

I am going to say you got the Most Cowbell I have ever seen. Keep on exploring the space Elastic!

wendela said...

Don't forget the old Stone's cowbell tune, "Honky Tonk Women". Hot Chip's tune is definitely catchy, though.

I never noticed Uncle Sam looks like Christopher Walken 'til you've now pointed out the oh-so-obvious to us who couldn't see. Thanks once again, elastic, for your enlightenment.

Amber said...

You would have had a heart attack at a Denver Nuggets game I attended last year. The theme was 80s night and at half-time, NONE OTHER THAN LOVERBOY WAS UNVEILED. I about had a fit I was so excited while everyone looked at me like I was nuts.

I'm flattered I'm on your blogroll, really I am. But how is it I'm the only parenthical-less person onboard? Do you need some help? Something like (white trash never looked so cute) or (psychotic and psleepless in Denver). Just a thought....

Kimberly said...

The chips are down and I am -down- with the Chip!

Umm...or something like that.

I think I should go lie down now.

Matt Weber said...

"Dudu" is in Turkish not Persian. Turks haven't used Persian as a language (in any capacity) since the Ottoman Empire. And Sparta is in Turkey. Confusing isn't it? LOL

I am a mad Tarkan fan; and for non-speaking Turkish people (like me) there's a great site that translates Tarkan into English. Tarkan Translations

Toni said...

To funny!

Burg said...

I gotta have more cowbell!

carronin said...

Your little catapiller has great musical taste. I listen to The Scissor Sisters on my way to work at 5:30 in the morning to wake myself up. It's funny in their video the lead singer is sporting leather pants Loverboy style. The 80's are back again.

Annie said...

I have one thing to say about this post,
"This snit is bananas!

Chris said...

I think in the not-so-distant future we would see Gwen Stefani, Fergie and the rest of their spelling bee ilk "works" be used in the new English syllabus here in Malaysia.

At least kids here will be able to spell with extreme ease BANANAs and Fergielicious (sp?)

And if Caterpillar wants to clap hands to Scissor Sisters with a metalhead, you know where to find me.

Demosthenes said...

I, along with most of his friends at school, call my little brother "Monkey." Isn't that ironic? Though I don't think he'd be caught dead listening to Fergie. It'd cramp his pseudo-emo-guitar style.

jams o donnell said...

The Bay City Rollers? niow there's a blast from teh past. Pity that one was done for possession of child porn not that many years ago.

Hey a friend of mine who had a couple of minor hits here in the early 80d has just recorded a cover version of My Coo ca choo. this is the link. Enjoy but thee is some interview stuff at the start

jams o donnell said...

Oh yes I've had that problem with you tube. if it plays up delete the embed link, copy it again then post. It works eventually

Carrotjello said...

I'm thinking they need to liven up the primary songs with little cowbell.

compulsive writer said...





I'm with Monkey.

Linda said...

You are hilarious. How did you and the "And Then" group find each other? This is the wittiest group by far I'm come across. Thanks for the laughs.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

NCS- Me miss you lots and lots already. My Magic 8 ball told me that I would, though. Thank you for your cowbelly words of encouragement. You are, after all, my cowbell muse and sole cowbell guiding force in the universe.

wendela- Those Rolling Stones made my list for Top 1,000 Cowbell songs, and the list for creepiest old dudes in leather pants.

amber- I've been thinking about it. How about a nod to the fine piece of classic poetry, "The Girl With The Curl?"

kimberly- You can't lie down with that Chip on your shoulder. Besides there's potato Chip crumbs on your sofa. No, better Go eat some chocolate Chip ice cream first and ask your poolboy, Chip, to massage your feet.

matt weber- Thank you all powerful and all knowing matt weber for your intrinsic Tarkan DUDU knowledge. If they ever have a Jeopardy category on Tarkan, you, my friend, will win it all! Go you!

toni- Gracias!

burg- You ain't alone in the pursuit of more cowbell, sister!

carronin- Sunbum asked me if he was gay because his voice is so girly. I showed her the video. You know, where he's in a jacket with no shirt and leather pants? Ummm, some things never need to be spoken or confirmed out loud. Sunbum just said, "Uh-Huh. Knew it!"

annie- Please tell me that you ain't no hollaback girl!

chris- Yeah, but Fergie spells 'TASTEY' wrong. It should be TASTY. You just can't count on Fergie at all to help you win the National Spelling Bee.

demosthenes- You know what I blew a buck for last week? I downloaded 'Glamorous.' I was powerless to resist, I tell you. Powerless! It must have the refrain that got me. "If you ain't got no money, take your broke azz home!"

jams- I'll have to go back to look at the link. Bay City Rollers and Gary Glitter? Crap. Soon, I'll have no 70's idols left except my man, Barry Manilow. Thanks for the youtube tip, I'm going to try it.

carrotjello- I don't want to brag, but I did major in cowbell maestro back at Hamburger University. You know their slogan, right? We don't eat until the cows come home!

compulsive- My little Monkey is a future cheerleader, for sure.

linda- Welcome to our little chanting cult of personality!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Yay, jams, I got the video to work! Thanks.