Thursday, April 19, 2007

Forget About Your Nervous Breakdown, Enjoy A Tantric Styled Breakdown!

Hear the awesome guitar driven sound pulsating through your PC speakers? See the super hot Portuguese lead singer, Hugo Ferreira? What about the video showing the classic struggle between geekdom and chicdom among high school students? How do you feel about happy endings where the much abused and bullied nerd finds a friend and an advocate? Yes, 'Breakdown' ranks as my absolute favorite Tantric song ever. Alas, they've since parted ways, never to realize a follow up hit. It's all for the best, though. Do you know how weird I felt sharing with people about my enthusiastic love of Tantric? They gave me those mal de ojo looks like I was some sort of twisted kinky freak. I got all excited when I found out that Sting adamantly loves Tantric too. He even gave an interview about it! Ummmm, then I discovered that he was referring to the other Tantric, as in the ancient art of tantric lovemaking. Slap to the forehead moment. It's like the time when a casual boyfriend asked me what I was listening to on my Walkman and I blithely responded, 'Do Me Baby.' Oh, what a priceless moment of confusion.

Life has kicked this Infidel butt all over the place the past few days. I'll return shortly to read what's been going on during my brief blogger sabbatical, and to share some love. No, not Tantric love. Sicko.


Carrotjello said...

HOLY SMOKES! I CAN HEAR IT!! It's a freaking miracle! I was feeling really bad about myself when you'd post something like, "listen to this", and I'd think to myself, "Well, I'd LIKE to, but have a hearing problem." Shew. Now I'm not left out and it feels oh so good.
BTW, I called you the day before yesterday, and you didn't answer. I hope everything is alright.

Toni said...

No Tantric love? Psh-

dumass said...


you took out of the restaurant before i could give you a t-shirt. so next time you come in and i'm there i'll get you one. thanks for everything... cya!


No Cool Story said...

I'm just glad Sanjawhy did not see this video and tried to copy that cool guy's hair.
Man, it's so hard to be a geeky guy with a moped, :( I loved it that the one guy stood up for the geeky guy, good for him, there should be more of those guys around.

YAY for Mr Dumass and cool Dumass Ts!! Pictures! Pictures!

mcewen said...

Golly! Well that's enough to snap yur knicker elastic back into shape.