Monday, April 16, 2007

Freakin Puerto Ricans!

Hey, carronin went all Spanish on us by adding J.Lo's latest video to her blog. I'm just playing copycat.
Today's Infidel Jam is brought to you by the fine Musica En Espanol awesomeness of Puerto Rico. Ahhhh, Puerto Rico, the fabled birthplace of Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Celia Cruz, and the all time Infidel boricua favorite.........CIRCO! Lead singer, Fofe, and his merry band of faux punk musical comrades have crafted an amazing sound that runs the gamut from traditional pop, to cheeky rock, and then back to a classic, spicy Spanish groove. It keeps my musical ADD in check as I never get bored with their songs. "Un Accidente," currently rules as the reigning Infidel favorite. I love how the song kicks off with an Iggy Pop 'Lust For Life' drum beat. CIRCO's music is so good, it will even distract you from the decidedly creepy unattractiveness of Fofe. And, that's not an easy feat to pull off!

Speaking of music, we heard the new Shakira/Beyonce song "Beautiful Liar." Gag. Really, is it necessary to keep repeating your name over and over to make up for a glaringly noticeable lack of decent lyrics? How many times must we hear, "Shakira, Shakira. Beyonce, Beyonce?" So freaking annoying. I like to supplant my own name when singing along though, just for fun. "Melissa, Melissa......Hey!" So, then, we experimented, much like we did when the kids first learned 'The Name Game,' song. Alas, only my children lucky enough to bear a 3-syllabled name could pull it off. My 2-syllabled kids felt really left out and sad that they couldn't make their names work in a Shakira song. So, parents, that's another deciding factor to contemplate when selecting a name for your unborn babies. Please don't short change your kids by giving them anything less than the 3-syllabled names which they so richly deserve. I feel as though I have failed my precious 2-syllabled children and they will have suffer major esteem issues because of it.

Oh, and, uh, yeah, that was me changing the lyrics to Bananarama's version of 'Venus,' as a child to "Goddess of beauty and love, and Melissa was her name." I've got it, yeah baby, I've got it..........a touch of dementia, that is.


No Cool Story said...

Really, is it necessary to keep repeating your name over and over to make up for a glaringly noticeable lack of decent lyrics?. Those were my exact words after I heard that atrocity.

Fefo, ah Fefo, thy name mirrors thy countenance.

EWBL on her "Nice to Mexicans" endless extravaganza.

BarnGoddess said...

this music makes me want to jump up and dance about my house like some kind of nut

Kimberly said...

Oi...I am such a musical ignoramus. Teach me, oh great guru.

Lia said...

All kids hate their parents for the names inflicted on them, at least some of the time. Even people with nice names.

carronin said...

Melissa, Melissa ...Carronin, Carronin.

Glo said...

tonight's unpetitioned rant:

Once upon a time, Shakira was known as the Alanis of the Latino world. Her lyrics were incredible - deep, political, poignant.

Then she came to America and...*deep, deep, deep sigh*

She is rather enamored of herself, isn't she?! Every song is about her hips and her name.

Burg said...

Oh they're not speaking English.. Thank goodness.. I thought I was really slipping.

Annie said...

First let me brag a little by saying, I knew Shakira back when, as Glo puts it, she was deep, poignant and political. It's amazing how many big words you can forget when somebody puts money in your waistband. Ain't that right Elastic?!
Also, I have actually been to Puerto Rico. I saw one of the Backstreet Boys in the airport there. Ya'll can adore me later.

Aside from "We Got Annie!", the only man manly enough to sing a ballad about me is the dearly departed John Denver. I filled up his senses, he drowned in my laughter and was only slightly put off by my narcissism.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

NCS- Let's duet. "Mas Cowbell. Mas Cowbell........Elastic. Elastic.....HEY!"

barngoddess- We love us some CIRCO round the Infidel house. They're catchy.

kimberly- Well, when you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything...Doe a deer a female deer. Ummm, did that help?

lia- Yes, but how upset are you with your parents that Lia. Lia. won't fit into the confines of a Shakira/Beyonce collaboration?


burg- Oh, thank goodness you're not asking me to translate..........because outside of the self-explanatory 'Un Accidente,' I can't.

Annie And Glo!
My stepmom is from Colombia, so I knew the old Shakira of yore also. Back when she was modestly dressed, didn't have broomstick hair, and played guitar while singing gorgeous and interesting songs. We have Emilio Estefan to thank, or blame, for "Americanizing" her into just another bleached blonde bimbo. Thanks Emilio! I think her talent would have played to an American audience without all the ho-hum and boring T&A. I watched her grow from a spritely talented teenager into this. It makes me shake my head in sadness.

Annie, I seriously want to make you an 'All Annie, All The Time,' CD. There's a new Annie song by The Guillemots that rocks! Also, my favorite songstress Mary Fahl wrote a fun song called "Annie, Roll Down Your Window" for her sister, who happens to be named..Annie! Well, duh!

Annie said...

Send it! Send it! Send it!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Aside from John Denver's Annie's Song, I got 5, count them, FIVE! different Annie songs in my possession. More, if I add a couple from itunes. I'm willing to wager that you haven't heard any of the songs in my entire Annie collection. Oh, how surprised and delighted you shall be to hear the likes of my main folk chick, Jonatha Brooke, croon "Annie, Annie, Annie" over and over again.

Who's got Annie? Infidel got Annie!

b. said...

Anybody who is named "Chuck" really can't or shan't sing "The Name Game Song" either....I'm just sayin'.

Kevin said...

Circo is so gay! I like the music but they push this wierd creepy gayness shit. Fofe the lead singer literally pimps out his twinkie boy guitar Orlando Mendez after concerts to get the teen girls enamored so they can get a bigger fan base amongst the female population. I think all the members are all gay except for the drummer. I don't mind gayness , I'm gay myself , but they are creepy sly people trying to play it both ways.