Thursday, May 24, 2007

Good Mail Girls......Single-Handedly Keeping The Post Office In Business Since 2007!

For those of you creeping up in age like I am, do you remember the cheeseball commercials for Impulse perfume back in the 80's? "If a man you've never met before suddenly gives you flowers.....that's Impulse!" I usually thought to my snarky little self, "Mmmm Hmmm, it could be your perfume, or it could just be a psychotic serial killer wooing you with a bouquet before he makes a winter coat out of your skin." Something about this whole Good Mail Girls project reminds me of those ads. Everytime I discover a fresh piece of mail from an unknown blogger mingling with my many bills in the Infidel mailbox, I automatically say to myself, "If a person you've never met before suddenly gives you stuff........that's Good Mail Girls!" Catchy, no? See how insidious pop culture is? Twenty years later and that little piece of marketing genius still resonates with me.Here's the Good Mail Shakedown list thus far:

To the left, to the left(Beyonce,anyone?): Gaze upon the bounty from Aubrey featuring a cute journal and birthday card along with some Pop Rocks. Note that she didn't send a Coke with it because she doesn't want me to explode before I can send something out to her. Once upon a time, this package came with a Dove Chocolate bar too. Sadly, an untimely end came quick and swift to the sweet little chocolatey morsel.

Movin on up, movin on up, to the top (and a deeluxe apartment in the skyyy):Jennifer personalized some Good Mail gift tags for me along with a sheet of stickers. She's the first blogger that I didn't 'know' to actually send me something.

To the front, to the front(now slide, baby, slide!):Annie sent me a birthday package with a notepad, bookmark, magnets, flower seeds, and a little bit o' chocolate. Yes, I hit the Good Mail Lottery with this chick!

Move it to the right(it's the Harlem Shuffle): Tori thoughtfully sent 2 CD's consisting of hymns arranged and performed by her super sweet husband for both myself and the grieving mother who lost her children last week. The awesome bubble wrap is an added bonus providing hours of POP! POP! POP! fun at the Infidel house

And on the far right where all the neo-con zealots dwell: Look closely at the beautiful wrapped chocolate mountain I made because it won't be there for much longer. Kimberly sent 4 candy bars all the way from the Great White North ,Canada, eh! No way hoser, I'm not sharing with any of you, eh.The Good Mail Girls have proven that they're versatile and willing to celebrate the good times as well as show sympathy during the times of sorrow and strife. This little collection of cards emphasizes how real and human our little blogger connection project has become. These ladies sent out messages of prayer and condolences for a nameless, faceless family who suffered an unimaginable loss of two children last week. They also took the time to holla a birthday shoutout to me!

Thanks Millie, Compulsive Writer, Amanda, PJ, and Raesha for your kind words and birthday wishes!

After work today, I'm dedicating the rest of my time to making all my fellow Good Mail Girls dreams come true! Like my Hawaiian friend, Lilo, once said, "No Good Mail Girl gets left behind......or forgotten." By the way, Good Mail will be answered in the order received which places the long waiting and ever patient, Jennifer, first on the list. The scriptures tell us that patience is a virtue, Jen, so you must be the most virtuous of them all!

Late Breaking News! This Just In! Extra Extra!

Lookie what Carronin sent me for my birthday! Thanks Carronin!


Toni said...

Aww! You are so loved! I would send you something to, but I don't have your address!

Tori :) said...

I'm glad you likey! Were my true intentions of making a winter coat that transparent???

jams o donnell said...

Wow that is quite a haul ewbl! You know I have an evangleical streakto bing enlightenment to the Robyn-less. It is time my child you had a couple of CDs worth!

Annie said...

I can't wait for my birthday! Carronin should have put my name on the card! I would have done it for her!

Radioactive Jam said...

Great, now I'll have to buy some Pop Rocks for myself.

Wonder if they'll work with BAWLS instead of Coke...

compulsive writer said...

Well now, it couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Truly.

mcewen said...

What it is to be so popular. I worry that your assessment of the Impulse advertisement is so closely aligned to my own!

Slackermommy said...

You hauled it in! I do remember those Impulse commercials. Is that perfume still around?

Burg said...

Is this anything like the new panties mail exchange that went around a few years ago?

No Cool Story said...

Aww, everybody loves an Infidel. And not just any old Infidel, but one with elastic waist band who likes triangles and tacos.

Amanda said...

Woohooo! You hit the good mail jackpot this week! :D

Jennifer B. said...

Yea for you! I just may have to join.

No Cool Story said...

ElasticWaistBandLady is MY FAVORITE cheese!!

carronin said...

You are welcome!I must be smelling your Impulse from way up here in Colorado because I can't seem to help myself I need to send you stuff.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

toni-It's high time that you join the Good Mail Girls revolucion, don't you think?

tori- I knew it! Lucky for you I've been making my skin super soft by rubbing lotion all over my body three times a day. Blubber insulates real well.

jams- I just heard 'So You Think You're In Love' yesterday and I thought, "Wow, that Robyn is quirky but some of his songs are pretty radio friendly."

annie- She did! But it was in invisible ink.

RAJ- No BAWLS only goes with Mentos. DUH!

compulsive- Thank you for your fine contribution, ma'am!

mcewen- Stalker men that spring up out of nowhere with flowers aren't usually hot. Total falsification! Now, if they featured a balding, aging, leering, lecherous guy foisting ugly green carnations on a woman, then I'd believe it.

slacker- Why are you looking to buy some? Do you really want to inspire strange men to gift you with flowers???

burg-Well, I did send some thongs to one of my Good Mail buddies. Ummm, the sandal kind.

NCS- and Mexicans. I like Mexicans too!

amanda- It's good to be the Birthday Queen!

jennifer- Come on, come all! I'll send you a little sumthin sumthin.

NCS- Awwwww, and you are my favorite little spicy Mexi jumping bean!

carronin- I wish it worked on the IRS. "If an auditor you've never met before suddenly burns your tax files with his lighter...that's IMPULSE!"

Kimberly said...

Just so you know, I take chocolate smuggling requests. ;)

I want me some of those socks!

Rhonda said...

Wow! You cleaned up! They aren't delivering mail on my birthday, but I am sure Tuesday will bring all kinds of goodies from strangers. No?

Happy Birthday! Hope it was a special day!

Millie said...

I'm so glad you liked the cards. :)