Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Smiling Infidel Is Looking For A Few Good Sox-Crazed Maniacs!

Okay, the first rule of SOX Club is that you DO NOT talk about SOX Club. The second rule of SOX Club is that there are NO rules.......

I'm just messing with you. Of course there's rules because anything worth doing has a plethora of rules and regulations attached to it. It's just a necessary evil to make sure that you all know how the sox game is to be played out and we don't end up with any sox-starved individuals out looking for sox in all the wrong places.

Let's Practice Some Safe Sox, Shall We?:
1. Send me an e-mail(elasticwaistbandlady at with your full name, mailing address, and blog address. I know some of you are leery about revealing personal identification so I'll try to pair you with an online buddy you already "know." I want to keep this somewhat domestic to save exchange buddies on exorbitant shipping fees. Canada and U.S.A only please. (except Infidel blogger favorite, jams o'donnell from England :)

2. Your mission is to scour the ends of the earth to find two pairs of the funkiest, goofiest, gnarliest socks chock full of the most pure, unadulterated WTF?-ery known to mankind. Ummm, not to be snobby, but please make sure they're NEW socks. I mentioned "funky" as in footwear design not in mailing somebody used socks with built-in toe funk.(Feel better about swapping some steamy hot sox with strangers now, Jean Knee?)

3. Sign-up Deadline: Friday May 9, 2008
Shipping Deadline: Friday May 23, 2008
Look, we all have moments when things go unexpectedly craptastical but please make sure you can fulfill your end of the exchange before signing up. Nothing is sadder than seeing the tear-streaked faces of your buddy looking out at you from the windows of the Sock Orphanage. For the love of humanity, don't allow your exchange partner to become another hopeless Sock Orphan statistic because I'd really hate to send out my rogue band of Sock Terrorists to enforce compliance. Yeah, my terrorists may be wearing Hello Kitty socks and socks with dancing chickens on them and maybe even glittery disco ball socks....but don't let the wussy socks fool you. They are a fearsome bunch!

4. We want to see your soxy goodies! When you receive your socks, stage a provocatively soxy photo shoot, then whore them up on your blog for all the world to see.

Remember you have until Friday to sign up. I'll e-mail you your sock buddy's information on Saturday. Now, get out there and have you some fantastic sox fantastic you won't even have to fake it. Yeah!

Self-Proclaimed SOXAHOLICS(So Far):
Jean Knee (Put Some Polka Dots On It!)
Alice (Honey Pie!)
Aubrey (Aubrey Annie!)
Jami (Sadly, Jami has not given in to peer pressure and joined the bloggy revolution just yet)
Bee (Bee's Musings!)
Melissa (Mejojac's Memos!)
Diana (Diana's Dumb Stuff!)
Lori (Garbled Gab!)
Randi (Just Randi!)
Suzanne (Suzanne Loves Roses!)
Elizabeth W (How's That Workin For Ya?)
Glittersmama (Random Thoughts!)
Nancy Face (Nancy's Nonsense Of Nothingness!)
Jennifer (I Live At The Circus!)
Lisa (A Backstage Pass!)
Rhonda (The B.S. Cafe!)
Lola (Lola Again!)
Reina (Kingdom Of The Birds!)
Tracy (The Neverending Mind!)
Lauren Face (Busy Bee Lauren!)
Tricia (123 Check Out The Family!)



I fixed my template today. YAY! I'm going to be extraordinarily busy the next few days because I just got the happy news that I'll have double the work thanks to Mother's Day ads and a summer magazine that the newspaper is producing for delivery this week.

I WILL get to everyone's blogs eventually and re-structure my Infidel Peep Show link list for the sidebar soon.

I've never hosted an exchange before. I'm all tingly with excitement!

Hey It's Di said...

Wow! This is hard core sox. . exchange! I'm loving the idea and all giddy because I've never been involved in an exchange before! I'll be emailing:)

P.S. while you are out with your Mother's Day newspaper fun, I will be in my floral HE_ _ for Mother's Day chaos! YIPEE! We are both in for fun:D

Bee said...

You know I'm going to sing it right?

I'm too soxy for my sox too soxy for my sox to soxy it huuuurts!

I'll e-mail you my info! ;op

Annie said...

I don't wear socks from May to October, but I wanted to wish you the best of luck with this. I can't wait to see crazy sox people come up with!

aubrey said...

i love hot sox.

Rebecca said...

I'm interested to see what happens! I'll leave all the soxiness to everyone else. I know I'm not soxy enough for this much fun!

Chell said...

Ah should do one for us individuals living in Africa! :-) I love this idea!

Millie said...

Annie, that's amazing! I don't wear underwear from May to October!!!

(heh, you said "toe funk")

Jean Knee said...

ia it wrong to be selective about who you share foot funk with?

I'm not a toe jamb snob!

yes I am


Lori said...

WOOHOO!!!! I'm "Bringing Soxy Back"!!!!!!

Sending email now!

JustRandi said...

oooo can I play?
I actually dreamed about this exchange last night. I found some really cool metallic neon sox that said "sexy" all over them.
Now I'll have to hunt them down!

Jami said...

Hey, is Jaime me? :D If not, I wanna play SOX too. I was scoping out some cool ones today, but decided I should know something about my Sox Buddy before choosing.


Ooops, sorry about that Jami. Didn't Paul Simon sing something about 'There Must Be 50 Ways To Spell Out Jami?'

Leave out the E, Lee
Throw in an I, Cy
Gotta spell the word JAM, Pam

Jami said...

I never hold it against anyone for misspelling or my name or assuming (online)that I'm about fifteen years younger than I really am. It is the joy of Jami.

I love your song!

Lisa said...

I just emailed you my info.

aubrey said...

if i don't get my sox i will be VERY, VERY SAD. i've done the recipe swap, the book swap, the any kind of swap you can think of swap and it has NEVER worked. i always live up to my end of the bargain and never get ANYTHING in the mail. sniff. i'm just saying. i love sox and want some cool ones. no pressure.

Nancy Face said...

Oh, NOOO! Poor Aubrey :(

I'm feeling all tingly too! I've never done an exchange before...this will be fun! :D

I think I'll go read Fox In Sox now.

Lauren said...

With all of my crazy busy-ness of school wrapping up I totally missed out on all the blog happenings. My mom told me about this super awesome exchange and I ran over ASAP. Can I be part of this exchange?!

Ringmaster said...

I love Sox. Especially funky ones. I signed right up and ordered my socks already!!!!

Ringmaster said...

I will give you a peek as soon as they arrive.

Mrs. Who said...

Just came over on a link from another blog and, OMG, I can't believe I missed the sox club. Are you doing it again??