Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Blog Post In Which I Gush Over The Brilliance Of My Husband

Speaking a foreign language upon arrival to this country didn't stop my husband Papi. Neither did going through rigorous bouts with the inefficient Immigration Service in order to keep his work permit and resident alien status valid. Being told that most of the college credits already earned in his native Mexico wouldn't transfer couldn't crush my Papi's indomitable sexy-Mexi spirit. No, he soldiered on through his college career sometimes working 2-3 jobs at a time to keep his family fed while enduring a few feckless supervisors and exhausting work hours. Papi has helped to raise and educate his 6 homeschooled children during this time while also serving in his church callings. Any lesser of a person would surely have been stymied by such seemingly insurmountable obstacles but my Papi continued to learn and grow and excel. And now the fruits of his labors have been realized......

Papi graduated at Christmas from Sam Houston University with his Business Degree and again a few weeks ago with his Accounting Degree. He not only graduated, he captured Cum Laude honors.

This picture came via the front page of the Sam Houston newspaper and it shows Papi with the Dean of the Business School who's named appropriately enough , Dean. (You know, like an Ape named Ape there has to be a Dean named Dean. :) Papi scored the front page story as he accepts his shiny medal and invitation into the elite Beta Gamma Sigma business Fraternity that recognizes excellence and distinction in business school scholars.
Just look at my man with his nerdy Accountant hair and round spectacles, he practically oozes out all things scholarly from his every pore.

This is a picture of a picture because while it made the Beta Gamma Sigma newsletter I couldn't find it online. Papi cryptically told me on the phone that some people wearing robes walked into his classroom and asked him to go out into the hallway with them.
I got all freaked out and said, "Oh my gosh, was it the KKK??!!?"
No, it wasn't the KKK. It was instead these Beta Gamma Sigma representatives extending an invitation to only 10 chosen individuals on campus.

The greatest thing about my man is how humble he is. Papi only shrugs his shoulders when I congratulate him for his accomplishments and tell him how proud I am of him. In fact, he didn't even bother to show up for the pinnacle of his college career. Papi opted out of the pomp and circumstance of his formal graduation ceremony last week and chose instead to have his diploma mailed to him.

I feel weird slobbering all over and bragging about Papi like this but since he doesn't ever seek out glory for himself I thought that someone should lift him up and tell him that he's the wind beneath their wings. That would be me. That would be me minus the grating Bette Middler song. :)

(I used to call Papi, 'Senor Senior' but now that his Senior year is over I guess I'll just refer to him as Senor Smartypants. Papi only has 6 more classes to earn his Masters Degree which he'll resume working towards this Fall. A possible 3 graduations in one year. Papi may be secretly addicted to Graduation Cake.)