Monday, June 16, 2008

When You Wish Upon A Star Pine Needle.....

Most kids are deathly afraid of needles........ but not my fearsome little band of mini-Infidels!
See, they've discovered the potent wishing power packed inside every single rusty-orange pine needle blade.
Lately, the Infidel Estate has felt more like the series of unfortunate events epicenter than a house full of mirth.
Everyone needs a little tangible piece of hope to hold in their hands once in awhile.
So, unlike a traditional turkey wishbone that only two people can squabble over, the amazing, astounding, stupefying pine needle offers a chance at Lady Luck for three, yes count em, THREE wish-filled individuals!
It's like a Wish Variety Pack and honestly who can afford to cook a turkey everyday just to fulfill your average daily wish requirements?
I'm sure you're saying, "But Smiling Infidel, isn't that a little weird to have your children tugging on dead, discarded pine needles and making wishes?"
And to you I say, "Yes. Yes, it is."
With the bad mojo smacking us around lately I'm honestly afraid to wish on a star lest it turn out to actually be a fiery comet blazing a path straight towards our house.
Ditto for throwing money we don't have into a wishing well because we're tempting the Universe to push one of us in.

So I overheard the Infidel girls using the pine needle wish system the other day.
Three of them gathered around and took a separate pine needle blade into their hands and counted down 1....2.....3......and then they pulled.

The oldest Infidel daughter, Sunbum scored the largest piece complete with the crusty little scab top that holds all the strands together.
When I heard them comparing notes on what exactly each one wished for, unexpected tears sprang forth from my eyes and started cascading uncontrollably down my face.
Second Oldest Daughter, Monkey Wished For:
Someone To Call My Daddy And Give Him A Job Because He's Smart And Worked Really Hard In School.
Third Oldest Infidel Daughter, Caterpillar Wished For:
A Vehicle Big Enough To Carry Around Our Entire Family So We Can Go Places Together.
Sunbum Wished For:
Whatever My Mom Wishes For To Come True

After long months of constant interviews and empty callback promises, Papi interviewed with the CFO and the Controller of a company on Friday morning and by Friday afternoon they offered him the job.
Sunbum is a little obsessive-compulsive about her teeth. The first words out of her mouth was, "I can't wait to go to the Dentist again!"
I think Sunbum wants to represent Texas in The Miss Teen Dental Hygiene Pageant.
Of course we don't advocate pine needle wishing in place of good old-fashioned prayer but for people like us who don't have the excitement that comes from playing the Lottery or betting at the Horse Track, it's a nice diversion.
If you believe in the power of magical pine needles I'll be more than happy to bag some up and send them your way....... for a modest fee, of course.

*THANK YOU to all the people who have continuously prayed for us. We have kind of this weird pride thing where we just can't/won't ask anyone for help. Carrot Jello has faithfully put our name on the Temple Prayer roll every single week for months now. Nancy Face and her family couldn't have possibly known about our needs from anyone other than Heavenly Father. Thanks to their family's generosity we were able to buy the things our girls needed to go to Girl's Camp this week. With all these blessings, how can I be anything but completely humbled and absolutely grateful?*


Lisa said...

Aww, I'm teary! You have sweet/good bloggy friends! I am so happy for your family!!! For dentist visits and working cars and cool A/C. I hope it all comes true!!!! Congratulations!!

Jami said...

I'm not teary, I just have allegies. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

elastic, you are such a strong amazing lady! I love your sense of humor and am growing to love your family. (Not in a crazy stalker way.)

Congrats to your handsome, smart, hard-working husband.

Sending good thoughts and prayer your way!

NOBODY said...

Congratulations on the FAST callback. Looks like they knew what they were getting and weren't gonna risk not getting him!

And DANG those are sweet girls. You guys are doing something right fo sho!

Jean Knee said...

yessssss, yay for Papi's job!!!! yesss yesssssss. Time to break out the party in a tube!

my Little Lean scared herself with the joke spider under soap thinga ma bob. We left it at our rented house to scare the maid...yesssss!

Klin said...

I'll be back. I'm going out to my pine trees. I'm about to be homeless. Home is sold. Still waiting for greedy bankers to accept my offer on the new house. Time is running out.

nikko said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. Congrats on Papi's job. What a wonderful answer to prayer.

You have some sweet daughters. Ditto what Nobody said.

Yay. Yay. Yay!!

Melissa said...

I like the pine needle idea! Do you think it would work with palm fronds?
I'm so happy to hear about your husband's job! That is awesome news :D
And your girls? They are amazing! Such sweet wishes!!

Bee said...


You know what would have been even better? If you had moved to Chi-town but that's okay!


Bee said...

And by far off I don't mean crazy by any means.


Bee said...


Lisa said...

So does this mean you are moving or are you staying in H-town?

Annie said...

I wish I had a magic wand to wave over the Infidel house to make all your wildest dreams come true.

Your mini Infidels are soooooooo beautiful. You took more than your fair share when it comes to gorgeous kids. Selfish.

Chell said...

Thats so awesome! God really answers prayers and although we should always remember that, its always so wonderful to hear when the prayers of others are answered. Congrats to Papi & well done to both of you for raising such well rounded and thoughful children, who appreciate everything in life. May your awesome family continue to be blessed!


I'm not going to lie. I sobbed like a baby when I heard my daughter discussing their wishes. And then I sobbed like a baby when I wrote this post. And then I sobbed like a baby again when I reviewed this post for errors. And now I'm sobbing like a baby at some of the nice comments.

It's my new diet. Shedding Pounds While Shedding Tears. Lose half your weight by crying out those pesky salt water tears.

J-Mom said...

Your daughters are amazing and precious.

Congratulations on your great news!!

Nancy Face said...

I am sooo happy for you and Papi and all your mini-Infidels! This is truly the happiest post I've read in a long time! :)

Nancy Face said...

I'll be at Girls' Camp next month, surrounded by pine needles. Maybe I'll just have to bag some up, too! :)

Nancy Face said...

Your girls are sweet and cute and wonderful! Their unselfish wishes were so touching! :D

Nancy Face said...


Carrot Jello said...

I have goosebumps! And tears! Goosebumps, tears, and joy!
Now, send my one of those wishing pine needles!
I cannot tell you how happy I am for you.
I just put your names on the roll again Saturday morning!

Millie said...

It's off to Wendy's for you now!!!

I'm so happy for you and Papi and the kids. How exciting!

carronin said...

That is the best news I've heard in a long time. Congratulations!

Hey It's Di said...

I'm trying your diet and shedding a few tears myself. I'll have to give you the "you make me cry" award! Just kidding:)

I am so very happy for your family & all that you have been through and accomplished! I know the sacrifices that are made by the family when a spouse is in school. I graduated in Accounting also with a husband and 3 kids at home and just want you to know I think you are all AWESOME! Tell Papi WAY TO GO! And congrats to you all on the blessing of a new job:)

Sketchy said...

Oh that's great! It's only one small step from here to world domination I tell you.

Congratulations Infidels!

Geosomin said...

I'm glad things are going in the up direction for you. That is ever so nifty. :)

Suzanne said...

Elastic, I'm so excited for you and your family! You are an amazingly strong woman and I admire you so much. I'm so glad that things are working out!

And I've never tried that wishbone trick with pine needles before. We'll definitely have to do that the next time we're up in the mountains!

aubrey said...

HOOOORAY!! elastic, i am SO happy for your and your awesome family. it's about freaking time! and your daughters rock the casbah for making such sweet wishes. there've been a LOT of prayers in your behalf (does that sound cheesy? cheesy but true.) it was bound to happen! yay and congratulations to papi! when does he start?

aubrey said...

really, this is fantastic news!!

aubrey said...

i loved your post about papi and his achievements. what an amazing man you are married to, elastic! congratulations to him for graduating cum laude and for being in the business fraternity. of COURSE he got a fabulous job offer. i'm so happy for you guys!

Physcokity said...


I wonder if pine needles double as natural floss? You'd never have to buy floss again! and you could market that stuff!

Sunbum's words reminded me...I need a few more fillings :( Yay for coverage!

Mysterious Ways...and I'm not just talkin' U2

Rhonda said...

Congrats to Papi!! And I hope my babies grow up to be such selfless and sweet little girls as yours. What a wonderful gift!

the Bag Lady said...

Late to the party but wanted to add my congratulations to Papi on his new job, and to tell you that I am so very jealous of your children! They sound so wonderful, and their wishes were so sweet.
Damn, my eyes are leaking.....

jams o donnell said...

I'll have to try the pine needles myself! Seriously that's great news about Papi. Congratulations!

wynne said...


What a relief, eh?

And can I tell you that I feel horrible because I knew none of this? I mean, I knew Papi had graduated, but that's about all. What am I, your online friend who may very well be a figment of your imagination (prove that I'm not, go ahead), FOR unless it is to support you in your time of need? Like support hose or a good bra? Of course you don't know me well, and my attendance on your blog is lousy 'cause I don't have a ton of time to blog, but I think of you every time I pick up the Darwin Award reading material for the bathroom, and I must admit I think of you as family, or at least as the missing half of my brain.

Not that I blame you for keeping your life to yourself, of course. But next time you're in the dumps, you may petition me for a care package, and I will send it, no questions asked. Does that help? No? Can you just pretend it will?


Lauren said...

Yay for the new job!
Yay for the dentist!
Yay for getting girls camp stuff!

Love ya, Infidel family!

JustRandi said...

I'm so happy for you! Not only for the job, but also the amazing kids you have there.

Also I feel terrible that I didn't have any idea. Hey, I learned last night at the temple that the Denver Temple accepts prayer roll names by FAX. I could have submitted you and not even had to get off the couch!