Wednesday, September 03, 2008

So Then We Were Game Playing While Role Playing While Playing At The Pool......ALL At The Same Time!

I believe in evolution.

In the beginning of the summer, the oldest of my mini-Infidels, Sunbum found her thrill on BOOberry Hill. She'd slowly and silently ascend from the depths of the shimmering pool water with her face completely veiled by her long, dark hair. Then Sunbum would turn towards me and whisper "Seven Daaayyyyyssss" in her most chillingly malevolent voice.

Now, my Sunbum retains a bronzed mochalatta-coloring to her skin. Sadly, this automatically disqualifies her from auditioning for the lead role of Samara if ever they produce a third installment of The Ring movies. The American film was adapted from Japanese cinema, so I guess Sunbum could wait around to see if Mexico will make their own version of it. In which case, Sunbum should be practicing hissing out the Spanish translation for Samara's big line: "Siete Diiiaaassssss."

You know, that Samara probably was a real terror but only because she got freakin sick and tired of having to channel her best Scooby-Doo ghost voice to keep chanting "Seven Days. Seven Days. Seven Days", ad nauseum. I can imagine her wanting to break out of her two word rut only to be shut down by the dictator-like director bellowing at her, "Samara baby, nobody really cares about your thoughts on global warming or your tips on how to decorate your well with rustic charm. Just give us the phrase that pays."

The same thing happened to that nice old lady from the "Where's The Beef?!!!" commercials.

Us Infidels may homeschool, but that doesn't mean that we're sitting around trying to outclever each other by transforming our geeky thoughts into a super-secrety, anagramatically-correct code.

Well now it's closing in on the end of the summer and Sunbum has grown weary of repeating her "Seven Daaayyysss" tag line. So, she began mixing it up a little by flipping it into an odd sort of word association game between the two of us.

Anyway, in me and Sunbum's improv word association repartee, I like to pretend that I'm really the announcer on Password guardedly whispering out the answers in hushed, secretive tones while wearing a gaudy, powder blue polyester suit.

Here's how it works: Sunbum stays in her demonic child character and gives me fresh, new phrases to work with in order to make a complete sentence.

A Few Of Our Recent Favorites: (My Answers Are After The Dotted Line)
Seven Eggs................To Make A Proper Souffle
Seven Berets...........The Kind You Find In A Second Hand Store
Seven Craig's..........And I Bought Them All For Cheap On Craig's List
Seven Cakes............For Seven Brothers
Seven Meg's..........If You Add In Seven An's You'd Get Seven Megan's
Seven Ches..........Down At The Communist Assassin Clone Production Plant
Seven Lays(potato chips)..........Told You I Couldn't Eat Just One
Seven Chang's..........To Beat The Crap Out Of The Five Browns.
Seven Pegs............ In The Lost&Found Down At The Legless Pirate Bar
Seven Legs..............My Pet Octopus After His Unfortunate Smoothie Machine Accident

Okay, it's your turn to add on!

*Sunbum did not actually watch The Ring or The Ring 2 or Ringu. She already has me for a mother. Isn't that psychologically damaging enough?*


Suburban Hippie said...

Seven ways....... to use your cham-WOW!

Suburban Hippie said...

Did you see the Grudge II... my sister and I always make fun of the part where the teacher at the school grunts instead of doing that weird breathing in thing that is so spooky... making it not at all spooky.

Heffalump said...

Ah...I saw a little nod to Prince's Raspberry beret there.

Seven Trays...of food at the all you can eat buffet.

Now for some reason I have the song Sixty Ways to Leave your Lover in my head...maybe you should change your game?

JustRandi said...

Before I clocked over to the comments I was going to say
seven leave your lover

but since that one's kinda taken, how about

seven chalets..... on my dream Swiss vacation.

Ok - I'm not nearly as creative as you. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Shelley said...

Seven Julios...down by the schoolyard.

Millie said...

I'm way too tired for this. But I love you and I'm listening to all our favorite stuff on Pandora.

"I've been waitiiiiiiiing for a pair of elastic pants like youuuuuu to come intooooo my liiiiiife..."

Come on, you know you wanna sing along.

Millie said...

ED & JFC: "Light of the world, shine on me, love is the answerrrrrrrrr..."

Millie said...

"If ever a man had it all, it would have to be me and


I love you"

Hilary said...

Seven degrees.. Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin and of separation.

Jean Knee said...

now what are we suppose to do, just say seven something and you add the second part or do we do both parts?

Stephanie and Co. said...

Seven dwarves. . . on a trip with a lawn gnome.

Physcokity said...

Seven Pegs............ In The Lost&Found Down At The Legless Pirate Bar

Wins! Hands Down!

Yvonne said...

I'm not clever enough to answer, but I didn't want to be a lurker ; )

Hey It's Di said...

Seven Eleven.....home of the mighty slurpee.

Sorry, that was lame but that's all I got!

Elastic, having you for a mother would be a laughing party 24/7!

Elizabeth-W said...

The Japanese version is realllly good!
Not for the babies, but maybe for an evening in which Papi might feel like giving/getting a little cuddling.

Suzanne said...

Seven...hit songs by The Fray! Oh wait...they only had 2! :D

Suzanne said...

P.S. Elastic, you are so fun! I wish you could be my neighbor! :)

wynne said...

I got stuck with the mental image of some poor, drunk pirate jumping around on one foot, looking under bushes and rocks, crying. "Whar be me peg leg? Please--if any ye landlubbers find it, please return it to me." *sniffle* Poor pirate.

wynne said...

Seven drays...wait. I'm not even sure what a "dray" is. Is it a horse?

Let me try again.

Seven parades...which is seven parades too many.

Um, no. That wasn't any good.

You know, I don't think I'm any good at this. YOU finish 'em, Miss Elastic.

Seven souffles...
Seven plays...
Seven gays...
Seven trays...

J-Mom said...

Seven craz...y hours trying to think of something else to rhyme.

I humored myself much when I finally came up with days.....duh---that's where it all started! Yes, the brain's on hold today!

Lauren said...

Seven Berets...........The Kind You Find In A Second Hand Store

That song is stuck in my head every afternoon. Our local radio station plays it promptly at 1:32 PM. Why?!!!!!

Anyway, thank you for clarifying that the Lays you were talking about were in fact, chips. That could have been awkward.

J-Mom said...

I guess another way of putting it.

Seven delays!

Jean Knee said...

I meant supposed