Friday, June 26, 2009

And Now Who Is Left In The Music World That'll Sing Love Songs To A Rat??!???

Michael Jackson.......He's either moonwalking in Heaven right now or experiencing an episode of flaming hair deja vous somewhere in Hell. I really can't say for sure. All I know is that I'll be plugged into my iPod until the overly dramatized and hysterical fervor surrounding the passing of the supposed King of Pop dies down.
He was the King of Pop. I'm the Queen of Poop. I certainly hope that my passing will be trumpeted by an equal amount of tear-soaked hubbub.
Really, enduring the endless parade of stone-faced and somber commentators remark one after another about the "tragic" passing of Michael and how music's brightest light has just been extinguished is just a little more than I can bear.
These are the same people who thought nothing about capitalizing on the salacious stories surrounding Michael for the past decade. These are the same talking heads who laughed uproariously at all the Michael Jackson jokes.
It's only been a few hours since the man breathed in his last breath and I'm already irritated at the less than sincere weeping and wailing rollicking over the airwaves coupled with endless MJ music marathons. So completely gag-worthy.
Even the alternative stations are getting in on the all-Michael-all-the-frickin-time bandwagon by playing the worst Michael Jackson covers ever heard outside of the Tone Deaf Karaoke Club. There is no escape. Chris Cornell's sllllooooww mooooo version of "Billie Jean" blows. Ditto for Fall Out Boy's pathetic attempt to revive the mercifully long dead ditty, "Beat It." Vampire Weekend performed an electronica version of "I Want You Back." Sadly it's every bit as bad as it sounds. Alien Ant Farm remains the sole exception in this category because their "Smooth Criminal" remake rocks.
Child molesters shouldn't be so slobberingly revered regardless of how wonderful their musical talent is. Sorry. There's a valid reason that Michael sang "Pretty Young Thing (PYT)" and not PMT ( Pretty Middle-Aged Thing).
The greatest memory of Michael Jackson--the one that'll stick with me forever and for always?
That would have to be the day my oldest son Buster thought that Michael was some sort of advocate for the Jewish way of life. He was absolutely crushed that the news reports kept discussing comments made by Jackson that would seem to indicate that he was, in fact, rather anti-Semitic.
Confused, Buster turned to me and said "What do they mean that Michael Jackson doesn't like Jewish people?!?!? He's got that song dedicated to them: I Wanna Rock With JEWS!
Sing it with me gentle readers with your solitary single sequined glove raised high in the air. Do it to pay your respects for the passing of dear old Michael Jackson.....sing it loud, sing it proud.



Nancy Face said...

I always rather liked that foolish rat song!

"Ben, the two of us need look no more..."

Carrot Jello said...

I love Ben. I sing it a lot.

Stacey said...

I liked some of his songs but regardless of his talent,he was a really screwed-up guy.

I wanna rock with Jews. Classic.

Klin said...

LOL at I wanna rock with Jews! THAT is newsworthy!

Finally someone who thinks this whole thing is blown out of proportion and I can't wait for it to die down. He's a pedophile and I don't celebrate their lives, but their death will keep children safe.

My fav song of his is- Weird Al's rendition of Eat It.

Lilac A. Rugg said...

I'm sad about it. He "died" a long time ago for me, and I mourned him then and I mourn him now.

Such a waste of wonderful talent.

Physcokity said...

I think that music's brightest light passed some time in the early to mid 90's right around the time grunge made the scene.

On a side note, with the news coverage and the shot of people outside the hospital I half expected someone to show up with a sound system and pump thriller and everyone around to burst into synchronized moves from the video. Dang. Life really should be a musical because that would have been funny.

Yes I'm warped.

carrie said...

There will be plenty of tear soaked hubbub on my part at the passing of the Queen of Poop. That is if you go first.

I agree with lilac the MJ I loved has been dead to me for a long time.

Palm Springs Savant said...

so much (and too much) has been written on it, but I'll throw in my 2 cents. MJ was in fact a huge talent, a huge creep and a huge influence in my 80's years. And so for all those reasons, I am sorry to see him go so young.

J-Mom said...

I agree with Klin on the fave song. I start singing---EAT IT, anytime any mention of Beat It comes around. (Yes, I was belting it out while reading)

I've been singing the song wrong all along, now I know the right words--I wanna rock with jews... PERFECT!!!!

Carrot Jello said...

Billy Mays. Not my love. He was t a pitch guy, but he said that I was the one.
Now he's gone.

Heffalump said...

I liked the Michael Jackson pre-plastic surgery. Thriller on laser disc will always be a cherished childhood memory...
However, it does seem to be a bit overblown with all the hype about his death.
I just want to know who is going to get the rights to the Beattles songs now, or if he already sold those off.

Christy said...

I'm glad you said it. I was thinking it.

Carrot Jello said...


Jean Knee said...

no worries, I sing to the field mice running around my garage and in my walls all the time.

Annie said...

We-wah-we-wah! I have been too long gone for too darn long.

Forget Michael, let's talk about how hot you are in your scoop-neck tee and sassy short hair! Is that how the college girls are doing it lately? (Licking my finger, touching it to my buttocks, and making a sizzle sound.)

Suzanne said...

LOL at rocking with Jews!

I wholehearted agree about people all of the sudden loving Michael and showing him support. If they really supported him, why didn't they do it before he died? It's like no one thought of him for years and suddenly after he dies, he means everything to them. It seems hypocritical to me. Strange...

Elastic, I miss you!!! I hope your college classes are going well and that you're not too overwhelmed. Did you get the summer off?