Friday, July 23, 2010

"And Then They Told Us That We Had To Leave The Church Because Our Kids Were Too Loud........"

That is the precise snippet of conversation I overheard last week while cruising the clearance section in Target's toy department.
This 30-ish mom was animatedly telling another 30-ish mom with 3 well-behaved toddler girls in tow why nobody should ever go to this particular non-denominational church because they were so rude to "kick them out" just because the "kids were too loud."
Guess where the precious, saintly, old-enough-to-know-better boys of Senorita Clueless were at that exact moment in time? Go on, guess!
They were several aisles away where the two had helped themselves to an array of sporting goods equipment such as a baseball bat, baseball, glove, and helmets.
The misguided spawn of this oblivious mombie alternated between hitting the ball into other customers and smacking the boxed merchandise on the shelves with the not-paid-for bat leaving big dents and damage everywhere they went.
Meanwhile, Mom of the Millennium continued loudly prattling on about the injustice her family endured while never once stopping to catch her breath and find out that her boys were terrorizing everything and everyone around them.
Sadly, this scenario is becoming far too common as the dreaded Entitlement Epidemic has hit critical mass where I live--unduly affecting parents and their undisciplined children in droves.
I'm no psychic but given all I know about the worst entitlement offenders I can pretty much guarantee that the poor beleaguered minister and/or his staff politely asked this lady to get her monsters under control because they were in a church and not ringside at a WWF Smackdown event.
Naturally, she thinks that nobody should ever dare criticize her or her "little gifts from God" even if they are laying waste to Target or a house of the Lord as though it were a demolition derby.
People need to get a grip.......and then they need to get a grip on their kids.
There's waaaayyy too many parents that have lost the words "NO, NO, OH HELL NO!" from their vocabulary.


glittersmama said...

Amen lady. There are far too many people that lack the word "NO" in their parenting vocabulary.

It kind of reminds me of a sweet postcard I received a few years back with a little poodle in a handbasket headed for the fiery depths.

I'm pretty sure that's where these little spawns are going to lead the world.

nikko said...

Where's the like button? :o)

Aprillium said...

AMEN! I really should carry around little signs in my purse that say "Here's Yur Sign" and just stick them on the persons shoulder as you walk past...

No, actually, I'm too chicken to do that, but it would be awesome.

nora.lakehurst said...

LOL. If that was me I would have piped up and said "Um are those your kids destoying the Target? I think you might just have been banned from Target now." LOL sorry just ignorant when it comes to people and their kids being PILLS> I have four little "angels" myself

Jillybean said...

I'm pretty sure that family ate at the same restaurant that we did tonight.

S said...

Not me I used the oh hell no just the other day. My daughter watches me more one would ever imagine. If she thinks she can get away with it she will in a heart beat. And I think she is a fairly good kid. Spare the Oh hell no spoil the child.

Klin said...

Amen Sista!!!

And Hell is my favorite word.....

Heffalump said...

It seems that too many people are jumping on the "No is a negative word, so we should never use it" bandwagon. She probably just doesn't know how to rephrase No and don't do that into a positive sentence such as, "If you continue this behavior, I am positive that you are going to experience severe consequences such as (insert consequence of choice here)."


Sometimes these entitlement outbursts are victimless crimes but lately I've seen a trend towards real damage that costs the consumer time, money, irritation.

At Ross discount store the lady in front of me allowed her 4-ish year old son to pull down the entire gift card display. Then she looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and smiled, then flounced out of the store without her or the kid picking them up. I hissed "I knew you were the lazy mofo type that won't clean up your own kid's messes and expects other people to do it for you." She had the nerve to just laugh and keep walking. Beyotch!

I helped the cashier scoop them all up.


Start reading STFU Parents. The stories over there would horrify you.

Last week there was a lady who thought it "hysterically funny" that her kid poked some random guy behind them in the head with a straw while dining out at Carrabba's. And her idiotic freinds agreed with her and labeled the unlucky straw stabbing recipient as "Mr. Grumpy Pants." Unbelievable!

I'm thinking the guy wasn't so much pissed at a small child as he was at these loser parents for not reprimanding the kid and apologizing to him. Who the hell wants to be jabbed with a straw while they're trying to enjoy a nice meal out?

Nancy Face said...

Oh, good grief! Who ARE these people?

I stood in a long line at the post office, watching two young children mess around with the display of greeting cards. I was SO annoyed! They got them out one at a time, ran over to show them to their flustered mom as she stood in line, then ran back to put their grubby little hands on more cards. I couldn't help thinking how much money would be lost because no one wants to buy "used" greeting cards. The mom seemed like a very nice person, but the little monsters were well aware that she was trapped in that line. Maybe they shouldn't be dragged to the post office if they can't be on a leash or sumpthin'!

Stacey said...

Ditto to all comments! Some people are just inconsiderate and clueless.