Sunday, July 11, 2010

Imma Be, Imma Be, Imma Imma Imma Be

Imma Be finishing up the first leg of my back-to-school odyssey very soon.
I just completed my Business Law final exam and I'm moving on to summer semester #3.
All of this means that I only have 4 classes left before I can finally leave community college as one of their most ancient sophomores and start my junior year this January at either Sam Houston University or University of Houston.
I haven't decided which one yet to target for admittance into their esteemed institution with my beg, boogaloo, beguile, and bribe with Infidel cupcakes campaign.
Yeah, I did say BOOGALOO. I may or may not be considering a bright future in the breakdancing profession, okay?
Add to that, my incredibly sharp and hard-working 15-year-old daughter Sunbum will henceforth be embarking on her third semester at college this Fall.
Papi and I are in the preliminary phases of our master plan entitled EMPTY NEST EXTRAVAGANZA and Sunbum is operating according to our grand scheme.
Now, we've called in 14-year-old Monkey for duty. She's headed to the college tomorrow to take the entrance exam and start Phase Two of the plan.
It may be a bit cocky but I believe that I can count my chickens before they hatch.........and then chicken dance with them in reckless celebratory abandon after they hatch.


glittersmama said...

You rock lady. I hope your plan continues according to plan.

Nancy Face said...

What the feces? Sunbum is already that far IN COLLEGE? Wowza, I'm so impressed! :)


glittersmama: I plan on planning on the plan to pan out according to plan.

Nancy Face: Well, she's limited and can't take a full course load until she's 16. She has completed 13 credits already, though.

Carrot Jello said...

Just make sure it's Electric Boogaloo.

Lisa said...

Awesome! I'm totally impressed your kids are rockin' the plan! I wish I had done that with mine. We have a community college around the corner from us and know a few who are smarter than I and have their kid's graduating early. Very smart! Very cool!

Palm Springs Savant said...

EMPTY NEST EXTRAVAGANZA, that is hilarious. You are entering a great phase of your life, enjoy it~


You guys are so sweet to still read and comment. THANK YOU.

Palm Springs: Empty Nest Extravaganza is in its beginning stages. My baby is only 7 but we're grooming her for greatness and independence by the age of 18.