Friday, August 27, 2010

And This Is Why You Shouldn't Shop On An Empty Stomach And An Empty Mind

So, me and Sunbum, the oldest Infidel daughter, hit up the grocery store one late and lonely Saturday night.
Heed our warning: Fatigue and Hunger can make for a dangerous shopping excursion combo.
Everything in the store either made us drool uncontrollably or laugh hysterically.
I'm sure the other patrons were absolutely thrilled to share the narrow aisles with our picture-happy selves.
I'm sure of it!
This super special Texas "Boomerang", that suspiciously looks like a Frisbee, will always come back to you--well, provided that you recruit someone for catch and return duty. I guess one could say that Texas discourages people from playing with themselves.
A Smiling Infidel EXCLUSIVE! We spotted a rare albino Yeti lying in hibernation on the shelves. Sunbum played Yeti-Human Goodwill Ambassador and gave that Yeti a big ol' bear hug.....and you saw it here first way before the tabloids have a chance to run the story along with another "Obama Is Secretly A Reptilian" headline.
I was walking around the refrigerated section minding my own business when BOOM! a little pea salad invaded my life. You just never can predict when and where a random pea salad will happen to you. 
And your life will never be the same as every immature pea/pee joke enters your mind causing you to linger in front of the coolers laughing and spraying spittle on your sacred pea salad container. (Hey, look at me! I'm singing "I got the whole pea salad in my hands....I got the whole pea salad in my hands")
Oh, Sweet Sue, wondrous mistress of canned meat. We had never before encountered such a mystery grocery specimen as an entire chicken stuffed into the confines of one diminutive can. Naturally, I just had to spread the gospel of canned whole chicken with all our fellow grocery store patrons. I was on a mission with a Sweet Sue proselytizing quota to meet. My final victim was an unsuspecting lady in the parking lot who exclaimed "Really?!!!??? That's so weird" when informed that she too could be the proud owner of a canned chicken that by now I'd lovingly dubbed "Lucille." (Want to see what Sweet Sue looks like on the inside? I warn you, it's pretty as in pretty disgusting. HERE'S the link. There's also a Facebook Fan page of which I'm a proud member.)
Tortilla Heaven.......We're going there someday to frolic with the Churro Angels under a Fajita Sky.
Just primping and preening for our Tortilla Heaven publicity photo packet. We'd make the perfect Tortilla Heaven spokesinfidels, don't you think?
I thought the gang of little gagging & magging Dots on the box was funny. Look at their horrified expressions. One would think that they posed for the Dots artist right after returning from the terrifying new film "Nightmare On Dots Street" where the Dots buffet scene sent them over the edge.
A box featuring a gaggle of clearly grossed-out characters is certainly an interesting marketing strategy. Here's my best Dots impression.
This is quite possibly the best named product on store shelves. I can just envision a young J.J Walker, of Dy-No-Mite! fame, bellowing out My-T-Fine! as he slurps up a heapin' helpin' of pudding.
How many people looking for love cruise the grocery store aisles in search of Mr./Ms. Right? Now they can tell folks they picked up a My-T-Fine and sweet little sumthin' sumthin' at the store last Friday night. Oooohhhh baby, you lookin' My-T-Fine!

Join us Infidels next time as we share even more scintillating Texas-styled store-ies with you!


glittersmama said...

I didn't see any pictures of you--just two teenage girls!

Carrot Jello said...

Wait! Chicken in a can is raw chicken?
If I'm going to shell out the money for chicken that's in a can, it better be cooked and ready to eat.
That's all I gotta say.

Nancy Face said...

WHAT? A whole chicken stuffed in a can? Siiick.

Your Dots impression is My-T-Fine! ;)

Palm Springs Savant said...

How fun! Its great you took all those pics, I enjoyed them, felt as though I were along for the ride too.
Love the Sweet Sue and My T Fine pics.

Super Happy Girl said...

ITA with Glittersmama and PSS (well, that's what it comes out to, not my fault)!!

calmrapids said...

Only you can make a trip to the grocery store hilarious! I must be shopping in the wrong place--it's not nearly as fun for me.

They still make Dots?

Jean Knee said...

oh my gawwwwwwd. That slithery jelly covered chicken perversion should not be allowed. get Obama to oversee it

Melody said...

Too good! Love the photos!

Two hot girls on a hot summer night.