Monday, August 02, 2010

Are You In Search Of Some Scorching Hot Buns? It's Gonna Cost You!

Hot Cross Buns......Hot Cross Buns.....One-A-Penny.......Two-A-Penny.......One-Hundred-Twenty-Nine-Pennies. Hope you own a roomy and spacious coin purse built for Abraham Lincoln and 128 of his little coppery clones.

Although, the unexpected inflationary surge in the bun market is but a small price to pay for an avowed addict to revel in some sweet, sweet hot cross buntopia.

After all, this plastic package of pleasure boasts a whopping XXXXXX rating. Yeah, it scoffs at all those paltry triple-XXX hot buns. A threesome of hot buns? No way! This is a party just waiting to be opened by an adventurous sixsome!

Me and my six-pack. Hey, you see me sweet-rollin', you hatin'.


Carrot Jello said...

So, when you opened them, did they taste...dirty?

You know, like mold.

What did you think I meant?


I didn't actually buy them. I was short about 80 pennies so I kept waiting for 5 more people to show up with their 50 cent contribution so we could get the Hot Cross Bun Party started. Sadly, it never happened.

jams o donnell said...

Hot cross buns! I suppose one could have stoolen them.. In thqat way you would not only have sweet buns but red hot booty too!