Monday, May 29, 2006

A Perfect "10"!

This is my first time. Please be gentle.
I'm telling you the truth, I've never been tagged before, until yesterday.
My new jolly olde English chum, Jams O'Donnell, called me out to list 10 simple pleasures in my life. I could cheat and list my kids and husband individually thus taking up 7 of 10 spaces, but no, I'm going to exert some real effort here.

If you have been tagged for the first-time:
1) you must credit the person who tagged you
2) name ten of life’s simple pleasures that you like the most
3) you 'may' then choose other bloggers to tag.

1. Access to fine indoor plumbing facilities. If ever you've been forced to use a Port-A-Potty in the middle of a hot afternoon at an International Festival featuring spicy Indian food, then you too would appreciate a nice clean toilet in the sanctity of your own home. Amen.

2. Cheap All-You-Can-Eat Buffets. We skip lunch and hit the buffet with our mob of kids about 4:00 in the afternoon. That way we still pay the lunch price but fill up like there's no manana. Dinner and lunch all rolled into one tidy little price. Sweet.

3. Really good bras that lift and support without using evil underwire.

4. Torrential rainstorms. Then I don't have to set up our sprinklers. Man, sometimes I'm so lazy.

5. Tie-Dye clothing because it covers up most stains and errant food spills.

6. XM Satellite Radio for their amazing diversity.

7. The Internet and Blogging. This has become my diversion of choice since T.V. has gone down into the crapper of cultural decline.

8. A non demanding husband who says, "job well done", at the end of the day, as long as his kids are alive and in one piece. Even though the house is in total shambles sometimes. Added bonus that he likes hairy armpits on a woman. This shaves 11 minutes and 56 seconds per month off my shaving time.

9. Being surrounded by all night grocery and discount stores that satisfy my every midnight whim. Also, having a vehicle to take me there.

10. My children fostering their inherent auto-didactic nature and becoming so absorbed in a project that they stop fighting with each other, breaking the house, and leave me alone in peace and harmony. AHHHHH, glorious peace and harmony.

Your turn: elizabeth and lianne


Mormon Family Man said...

Am I to really believe your family's record-breaking flatulence is to be ommitted from this list? Say it isn't so!

Moi said...

I'll have to remember to hit the buffet at 4. We've been going at 11-12, and by the time it's dinner, I have to cook. Ugh.

Gia said...

WHERE on earth have you found a bra that lifts without an underwire? Please, direct me to this 8th wonder of the world. I have yet to sample this simple pleasure (and ooooo how I want to!)

Miss Biotech said...

A very enjoyable list indeed.
I particularly like 5 and 8.
#1 is definitely a must.

Good list - a fave ;-)

Syar said...

no 3 : I can appreciate this after puberty *ick* decided to not leave me flat, but have not yet found this miracle bra. any tips?

no 7 : I think we can all agree on that.

your list has made me hungry. *puts on tie-dye shirt* I'm off to forage!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

No, Mormon Family Man, I'm saving the listing of our record breaking flatulence for a 10 simple yucky things list.

I'm an expert at feeding my clan, carrot. You're an amateur, but don't fret I'll take you under my chicken wing and learn you all the ways to feed your family cheap. Also, since you omit the lunch calories, then you don't feel as guilty piling it on at dinner.

I'll have to examine the label closer, but I think it's a Playtex 18 hour bra. They're pretty comfortable and I don't worry about being ruthlessly stabbed by a stray wire poking out of my bra like other ones I've owned.

Yes, miss biotech, we saw the International Festival port-a-pots together and lived to tell the tale to future generations. I knew that we were both destined for greatness.

syar, Politics make me want to retch these days. That's why I associate it with food because politico vitriol leaves me with that sad, empty feeling that only hot dogs and crackers can fill.