Saturday, May 27, 2006

Come Ebenezer, And Visit With The Ghost Of Blog Past

I've just accomplished the daunting task of publishing this blog's 100th post. For those of you new to the ways of The Smiling Infidel, congratulations, because your mind is likely still virginal and pure. For the rest of you heathens, let's take a little stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Who could possibly forget the wholesome goodness of CHEWY BALLS? Swallowing without chewing presents a real choking hazard.

The first riveting presentation of the World famous Smiling Infidel Theater.

We perused the realm of unconventional wedding gift ideas.

Musical memories and a tribute to American Idol greatness, bathroom style, of course.

My first, second, and third attempts at portraying political statements through the usage of food, and how we came to live in the fair land of Crackertopia.

A close friend of mine receives a surprise dual purpose Valentine's vase, because we care enough to give the very best.

We celebrated National Poop Week with reckless abandon, and have the stories and pictures to prove it. A surprise endorsement came my way while standing in the meet and greet line at a very elegant wedding reception. The completely refined Mother of the groom leaned over and told me, "By the way, I'm really enjoying Poop Week". Her husband is a Grand Poobah at Church and I didn't know that she read my blog. Luckily, I have thus far escaped excommunication. The look on the faces of the people behind us in line when she said that? Absolutely priceless.

Unleashed spork fighting Ninjas, the likes of which the World has never known. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Discovered a little known cure for the horrors of the Bird Flu. Also includes a valiant distribution effort to quell the spread that could lead to a pandemic.

Revealed my exalted alter ego as that of a Trophy Wife.

Showing off my impressive multi-cultural, diverse side , much to the chagrin of my husband.

FUNNY TMI moment.

Cruel and unusual demise for an unwitting dragonfly who wanders into the booby trap.

Chronicling the first date with my husband with a little help from Nirvana.

A Spanish culture and language lesson involving condoms and Mr.T. Yes, you did read that right.

I hate to go all Karen Carpenter on you (so I'll eat a sandwich), but truly, we've only just begun. Thank you for all your witty comments and spending a little bit of your time here. There's a lot of blog options out there to choose from these days and I thank you whole heartedly for choosing The Smiling Infidel.

*I earned a degree in professional butt kissing and stealing advertising ideas as my writing does indicate*


omar said...

My mind WAS virginal and pure, but you've cured that with this post.

1) Chewy Balls. I want to come up with something witty to say about that, but I feel that the name pretty much speaks for itself. Fantastic find.

2) That TMI moment, I knew I was in trouble when YOU prefaced a post with a disclaimer that it was crass..

Elizabeth-W said...

Happy 100th! You have set the bar soo high, I'm wondering how you're coping with the pressure to improve the next 100. Agreeing with Omar here on that tmi story ;) So, if that is too much info, are you saying that the other little ditty about bodily functions involving Papi truly does have too much info??

jams o donnell said...

Hi there! You've been tagged!

Radioactive Jam said...

I was going to offer congratulations but now I suppose I should actually *read* some of the noted posts first. Because if I don't offer some specifics you might realize I mean think I just hang out here in comment space, making up things as I go along.

Although I think I *did* read something about a murdered dragonfly; was that here?
*guileless smile*

Syar said...

gah I've missed so much. but no worries, I'm a catching up machine! I'm not like Jam who just pretends to read the aformentioned posts.

I just tell you first that I'm going to read them.

happy 100th! looking forward to the hundreds more.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I LOVE Chewy Balls, and I'm not ashamed to say it! Admit it Omar, the TMI thing with a disclaimer made it like "forbidden fruit", that you couldn't resist.

Thank you elizabeth. I'm a nervous wreck thinking of the next 100 but then as long as their are gross stories to tell, I shall fulfill my blogging duties. One day I will blog the lyrics to my original song, "Feminism and Diarrhea". Something to look forward to. Hope your daughter's talk went well today.

Tagged! At least it wasn't profanity scrawled out in neo orange spray paint like our neighbors house that got tagged by neighborhood vandals.

Is this the prototypical engineer response to things, radioactive? Or is it a man thing to speak out without reading the info. first? Chewy Balls is mandatory reading at The Smiling Infidel. There will be a brief quiz afterwards to check your retention. Points for using the word guileless. One of my favorites.

Thanks syar. I wanted to quote that line about what a long, strange journey it's been, but then I realized I've only been here 5 months.

Miss Biotech said...

Congrats, Infidel!
One hundred - wow!
I missed the American Idol one, need to read it,so later gator!

Syar said...

and I've read them all (ish.) 5 months and you churned out all those gems?

you are truly the master. I liked your politics through food series. made my tummy rumble. politically, of course.