Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lastic, You Got Some Splaining To Do


It has come to my attention that former blog readers and contributors here now think that I regularly peruse Internet porn due to an unfortunate link that I posted on another blog. Nothing could be further from the truth and I'd like to offer my own explanation of a convoluted situation.

During an intensely intellectual discussion of fart euphemisms, someone referenced her personal favorite, "Sitting on a duck". To which I informed her how grotesque that seemed to me after seeing the following picture circulating on the Internet. Then I posted the first link that I found by googling the key words, "Donald Duck ride-on toy picture". I once saw this on a message board and it perplexed me to think about how such a thing could be manufactured without someone contemplating a possibly negative interpretation. Well, I didn't investigate any further, but apparently the first link I found with that picture is a somewhat risque site. So naturally, everyone now thinks that I'm an Internet porn perv.

For the record, I AM, after all, an Infidel, but I'm a wholesome, porn free Infidel who will henceforth be much more careful when wielding links around here


omar said...

Even thought I never saw that link you posted, I already thought you were an internet porn perv. This just solidifies it.

That Donald Duck ride-on toy is... questionable, yes.

Julie said...

What nutso designed that toy? That's just nasty.

For the record, I never thought you were an internet porn perv. You're too social to be doing that.

Lianne said...

wholesome porn free infidel.... I'm still laughing. Not because it isn't true, but because that goes under the category of "Things I never thought I'd ever hear or read"

Mimo said...

LOL! I never got anything on the first link, so I had no idea. Who saw it?
I've never thought you were a porn perv. just really interested in gross bodily functions- we all have our querks, so I don't hold it against you.
Anyway, that Donald Duck ride needs to be smashed and burned.

Radioactive Jam said...

First I want to say "thanks" for posting a link instead of a picture and sparing me yet another mind-scorching encounter.
Second - wholesome, porn free, infidel - these seem redundant to me. But I expect you'll work on that.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I want that quote scrapbooked, I never thought you were an Internet porn perv. Classic.

My goal achieved. Rising to surpass lianne's expectations everyday.

mimo, this entry was for you specifically. I'm not all consumed with bodily functions either. I want to blog about things that make me laugh or at least amuse me and 80 percent of the time it includes gross things. I'm channeling my inner Farrelly Brother.

If I become a vegetarian then my title will change to wholesome, porn free, ORGANIC Infidel. Hmmmm, I rather like that.

Elizabeth-W said...

EWL--I hope this wasn't directed at me. You know I was just teasing you, right??!!
Just so you know, we use the phrase "you got some splainin' to do!" at our house all the time. There is nothing cuter than hearing it from a two year old.

Moi said...

I want access to this "other" blog. Is it all you need to know about farts?