Wednesday, July 05, 2006

As Crafty As I Wanna Be

The suburban Mom take on an "old classic".

I've been busy, busy, busy making festive patriotic apparel for my four girls to wear to our Church's annual Fourth Of July party and parade. They usually give out prizes and my competitive spirit always gets the best of me when I hear the word, "contest".

Nearly everything you see here was purchased from the jeweled treasure of the South known as King Dollar. Oh, how I love King Dollar stores. So much so, that Papi calls me, "Queen Dollar", and says that when they see me coming, they roll out the red carpet in my honor. Well, I did buy my sparkling tiara and scepter there, and I AM keeping the King in his luxurious lifestyle thanks to my constant patronage..

If they ever hold an Extreme Makeover:Dollar Store Edition, I'll be the first one they call. My custom transformation of boring T-shirts, visor hats, and flip flops, is nothing short of miraculous. Watch your back, Martha beyotch! Lest anyone think I'm betraying my roots, no, I still hate scrapbooking. There's a limit to my craftiness guru side.


Abby said...

Please tell me your kids won with those! I can't imagine someone else could have topped that (unless they hired a hit man, you never know, we are in Texas). Any mysterious injuries occur at the ward parade? If so, maybe next year you should play it safe by taking the family to Taco Milagro!

Lianne said...

Love the flip-flops! How festive of you. Our 4th of July consisted of turning up the volume on the TV over the neighborhood fireworks.

Moi said...

So you don't scrapbook, but you do this kind of stuff? Hmmm, in MY book it is all the same. ;)

Elizabeth-W said...

I agree with Carrot--the only good use of a glue gun is for hemming pants. (I bet the girls looks cute--where are the pics?!)

omar said...

I'm with Carrot. I think that this is borderline scrapbooking.

wendela said...

I am in awe. Skills, elastic- you've got 'em. I agree with the others, though. This looks just one step away from scrapbookermania. A slippery slope- be careful!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

abby, I'm ashamed to admit this, but.... I saw a rather "perky" sister from our Ward, kids in tow, at Jo-Ann's fabrics buying similar stuff to me. Papi calls her "Sister Winky", because she's always smiling and winking whenever she talks to people. Well, I told my girls, "Sister Parker better watch her back, because I'll stop at nothing to make sure we win". Paranoia? Yeah. But then she didn't even show up at the party. Hey, neither did Emma Jo, and your adorable nieces. I promise that I had nothing to do with that.

I demand truth in advertising! Will you really get a miracle if you eat a Taco Milagro? After all the place is "teeming" with attractive and successful singles. Maybe that's the secret to their success?

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Thanks lianne. Flip flops are a wardrobe staple in Texas. It rained here Tuesday night, thus putting the kibosh on planned viewing of other people's hard earned money going up in smoke into the sky.

You can't wear a scrapbook, carrot. I'm a practical crafter.

Pictures are forthcoming soon, elizabeth. Patience, little cricket-san, patience.

Omar, I'll make you a pair of cutesy flip-flops in the color of your choice if you retract that hideous slur you just leveled against me.

No real creative skills, wendela, just really finely tuned copycat talent. Generally, I see an idea, and then scour the dollar store to try and re-create it. Will you still respect me, even knowing the sad truth? :(