Thursday, July 06, 2006

Home Grown Patriotism

Here we are, waiting with baited (hot dog) breath and joyous hearts for the 4th of July festivities to begin.

Despite repeated warnings, Melody still picked up a hitchhiker in her wagon. It's okay, Alyssa didn't seem to have any hook hands or deadly intentions.

Melody's Sunbeam teacher, Brother Zentz, deemed her fabulously bedecked chariot as worthy of being pulled by his American Bulldog, Bruiser. Melody perched there like regal Cleopatra herself-blowing kisses and waving to the crowd. They were selected to lead the parade.

Here is the elusive Papi in all his glittery, patriotic glory! We called him, 'Tio Samuel' (Uncle Sam) most of the day. He's set to graduate soon and join the ranks of the nerdy accountants, so I usually call him, 'Senor Senior.' Although born in Mexico, Papi had the opportunity to take four semesters of American Government and American History. He found such respect and admiration for our Founding Fathers, that he's insistent that our kids make learning about them top priority. Hooray for pro-American Professors! Those two men must be the very last of a dying breed.

Despite our rampant frivolity, the meaning of the importance of the day wasn't lost. Thank God, we live in a country of opportunity, freedom, and unfettered potential for greatness. No country can claim themselves corruption free or perfect, but America feels as though it's the closest thing to perfection on this Earth. People risk life and limb to get here to our shores. While in other places, people risk life and limb to get out of their country. To all resident America haters who celebrated the day by burning American flags and defecating on your homeland- Go ahead, pick a better country, and move there. The rest of us don't want you here. Let's see how much freedom of speech you're allowed to criticize the government in other parts of the World.

God Bless America
(Does saying that make me unabashedly patriotic? Good!)


Suzie Petunia said...

AMEN! GOD BLESS AMERICA! Looks like you celebrated in style and with fervor. Happy day!

Moi said...

I so want to squeez your little ones cheeks! Everyone looks great! Way to go, mother of the year!

Moi said...


omar said...

I didn't see the fella third from the left at first, so I thought you left out one of your kids. Glad to see I was wrong.

Julie said...

What a cute family!
So when do we get to see what you look like? ;o)
Oh! and I'm impressed with your crafting ability!
God Bless America!!!!

Syar said...

a wagon parade! I'm so jealous. I never got to do that when I was a (younger) kid.

impressive colour coordination too.

christo said...

God Bless America for giving me Metallica during my formative years. And for Dream Theater too. I'm slightly off tangent here oh well.

It's always nice to see families having a great time.

Mimo said...

Amen too!
Your family looks great! And thank heaven for families like yours that still love America and all it stands for!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Yeah Suzie! We take all our holiday partying very seriously.

carrot, I hope that you're not intending to squeeze the "cheeks" of my Papi too. I'd hate to think of you as a nerdy accountant groupie. :)

Omar, when the camera comes out, it's like a beacon signal for my kids. No way will any of them get left behind or forgotten during photo shoot time. Ohana.

You can see my stunning Capri clad leg and funky vest on the far, far right of the first picture, Julie. I only take pictures when I can hide behind everyone else.

Yeah syar. I'm glad that red, white, and blue is so easy to find. We'd be totally out of luck if it was a parade celebrating the chartreuse, cyan, and citron.

So, christo, you're into prog rock? Excellent! Try the late Kevin Gilbert's CD, THUD. He took most of his inspiration from listening to Dream Theater and Gentle Giant. I used to like Metallica, it must be part of the natural aging process to slowly lose your taste for them.

Welcome back mimo! It's been awhile. Hope your camping adventure was fun.

jams o donnell said...

All hail the nerd Tio Samuel from a fellow member of the accountancy profession. Through provisions we shall provide for our loved ones and thus accrue riches! Let us say fie to the cloven hoofed auditors!

Looks like you all had a great day. True the US has its failings (as does the UK) but I am grateful to have been born in a nation where I know I won't be "disappeared" for criticising the state, or where I had the chance to gain a good education.

W&MGrad said...

Wow, now those are some festive kids! It looks like you had a great Independence Day!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I would thank you to not say my Papi has cloven hooves, jams. Nor does he sport a wide nostriled snout. Tell me, jams, are there legions of nerdy accountant groupies in jolly olde England? If so, I'm keeping it a secret from Papi lest he puts in for an overseas transfer.

I just triggered the balloon and confetti drop and the trumpets are starting up, to celebrate YOU, w&m grad! You're officially recognized as holding the title of "Longest Lurker Without Leaving A Comment" on this blog. Congratulations! Did I tell you already that your new haircut is really cute? It brings out your beaming smiling face.

Yeah, we're encouraging home grown patriotism that hopefully will one day outpower homegrown terrorism and homegrown despotism.

jams o donnell said...

Heaven forfend an accountant has such attributes elasticwaistbandlady.. Aufditors on the other hand are our sworn enemies!

As for groupies I have to beat them off with a stick! "Ooh Jams amortise me baby"

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Oh snap, jams! I missed the auditor part. Yeah, they're the scourge of humanity. Especially the IRS and other tax agents.

YOU have to beat them off with a stick? More likely, that duty belongs to the not-wife. I always tell Papi, that if a woman makes a move on him, I'll claw her eyes out and pee on his leg to mark my territory.

I'm such a gentle soul.

PJ said...

Ohh, I just love that picture. Children in red, white and blue with flags melt my heart, they do.

I'm waving with both hands to those you addressed in the last paragraph! Very well said