Friday, September 01, 2006

Don't Let Them Shoot Your Kite Down

What sage philosophical advice that is!

Nick Heyward-Kite

My daughter, Monkey, is completely enthralled with this song as well as the most delicious Englishman in a tweed blazer to ever live, Nick Heyward. I suspect it's because they both have cute little matching overbites and earnest puppy dog eyes.

This song is so infectiously perky, you'll lose all bodily control and will find yourself powerless to resist tapping your foot, nodding your head, humming along, and lusting after cute geek Nick Heyward. Powerless, I tell you!

This video looks like it was filmed using the exact same location and extras from the "She Blinded Me With Science" set, minus a few wild haired Einstein look alikes.


jams o donnell said...

Ah Nick Heyward.. One of the Not-wife's favourites in her youth (and the subject of many youthful but surprisingly... err I digress.. fantasies on her part!)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

jams, you might as well know the truth. I LOVE nerds!!!! Apparently, so does my little Monkey. Funny to think about a guy appealing to a woman in her 40's, a lady in her 30's, and a ten year old girl too. Behold the fearsome NERD power!

I finally found the full length KITE CD yesterday (no small task) on ebay and bid on it. I thought it would make a great surprise stocking stuffer at Christmas for Monkey. Yes, I really do start planning Christmas in September. Whatever.

jams o donnell said...

September? why so late? I have gotten stuff in July before, honest.. Mainly because I hate the croeds? Peace on earth and goodwill to all? not when you have to fight your way through the hordes!