Thursday, November 16, 2006

This Is Dedicated To All The Bloggers I Love

Basement Jaxx- Hush Boy

This is the new Infidel jam of the week. Basement Jaxx is huge over in the U.K., but I haven't cared for any of their music.....until now. This song is the shiz personified, and has a little something in it for everybody on my blog link list.

I henceforth dedicate this video to:

Thoroughly Mormon Millie: The choreography is a direct simulation of The Waiter's Gallop in America's favorite musical, "Hello Dolly!" From the looks of the singer, she is the lady with the biggest appetite in all of New York!

Psychic Head and Mullets- Because they love all things Basement Jaxx.

Radioactive Jam and GLO- To break your worrisome Veronica addiction.

NCS- The lyrics say that they go to a MEXICAN restaurant on their date, and she eats a chicken fajita. Ijole!

jams o'donnell- Ummmm, because Basement Jaxx are fellow Londoners? Also, modern science has proven this song to be 85.2195% more danceable than all the Hawkwind, and Robyn Hitchcock anthologies combined.

A Payne and carronin- This is the sound that all Hot Fruita Moms will be tuned into this season.

mimo- There's no finer photography session music than this song. Well, not when working with babies, but maybe, when you advance to photographing supermodels.

elizabeth- Analyze this and analyze that too!

Omar- Because your Boot Scootin Boogie knowledge concerned me.

carrot jello- You must listen to this music so that you may gestate a future Soul Train dancer.

on the run, emma jo, and Rhonda- Prove that Houstonians are much more than just big hair, and redneck banjo tunes.

To everybody else not mentioned by name, try it, you'll like it. Go on. Retro funky, 70's style, groovealicious music is good for you, and may even clear up that case of persistent chronic dorky dance move syndrome you have. Don't be afraid to try new things, grasshopper.

11 comments: said...

I think my favorite part of the song was when she was singing about fajitas and my favorite part of the video was when she was dressed a a mermaid.... both were great metaphores for what she was telling to tell her 'boy.'

mullet said...

you know me so well! I do like them.

A Payne said...

(((((Feeling the love.)))))))

No Cool Story said...

Gracias! Elastica, Siento el amor!
Found the restaurant on the internet,
This Mexican place, but they haven't finished it yet
Yeah, it's always that way.

We should totally get together and dance like them waiter guys, with the brooms and all. yes the mermaid, that was cool :D

carronin said...

Thanks ewl I knew we had a connection I'm glad you feel it too. Call me.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

on the run- I have very high musical standards. Only videos with heavy women perched on the toilet need apply. Admit it though, that line about "Do you want me for your girlfriend" sticks in your mind long after the song is finished, doesn't it? Hey, you have family in the U.K. too. I wonder if they like Basement Jaxx too?

mullet- I know. I've been secretly spying on you, and examining your trash.

a payne- I'm ALL about the love, you know.

NCS- I can't dance with a broom. I only use them to fly around with.

carronin- It's the United Brethren of Former and Current Paper Carriers thing!

jams o donnell said...

hmm 85.2195% ewbl? I must stronly contend those results... my own analysis indicates that they are merely 77.91897% more danceable!!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I heard "Madonna Of The Wasps" this morning, jams, and no question, Basement Jaxx is infinitely to the highest power, pi squared, more danceable.

mullet said...

spying? google earth?

Syar said...

There's another song by them, "Oh My Gosh", where the video is about a senior citizen's home steamy romance.

I love them. So catchy and so quirky.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Waaaaahhhhhh, I left you off the dedication list by accident, syar. To you and Chris for having the best musical tastes in all of Malaysia!