Thursday, December 14, 2006

Love Will Keep Us Together!

It's True. However, "Muskrat Love" Raises The Ire Of Animal Rights Groups. Some People Are, Like, So Close Minded. The picture below is an amazing likeness of jams and his woman too. Well, except for the fact that he calls her Captain.....and Master......and Commander.
I'm happy to report that my esteemed blogger friend, jams o'donnell, is much too gentlemanly to engage in such beastly acts and was never actually implicated in the Great Muskrat Love Scandal of 1975. He does own a fabulous muskrat fur coat and matching ear flapped hat though.

Please join in celebrating a milestone landmark for jams and his woman. This weekend marks the anniversary of their first encounter 25 years ago. Yeah, 25 years of togetherness! That's right, two and a half decades of kitty cat parenting, wiping poorly aimed piss stream off the loo seat, laughing courteously at the same repeated jokes, dealing with in-laws and out-laws, feigning euphoria at new recipes no matter how awful, sharing a bathroom and all that entails, fighting over the remote control, taking bets on which "Farewell" Rolling Stone Tour actually will be, coordinating alibis 'just in case', asking 'does this make my butt look big?', insult contests (go not-wife!). Yes, there is much love here to behold. He's taking her out to see their favorite musical acts, Robyn Hitchcock and Hawkind this weekend, live in concert. I know that he's doing it to get lucky, but it's still a sweet gesture.

So, stop by his place or leave a note here of congratulations. Please don't be ill mannered and say something stupid like, "25 years???!!?? Wow, I was only 7 when you guys hooked up!" Ummm, well, because, I already did that.


jams o donnell said...

Aww shucks ewbl! but 25 tears.. er years, where has the time gone since I met a shy 17 year old in a Romford pub.

I am jealous of her.. nobody ever thinks she's 42, they generally put her age as a decade younger.. Me I'm lucky if people think I'm 50!

Thanls so much for your kind words said...

I guess that means you and I are the same age!

No Cool Story said...

Oh, It' so nice to realize that I'm so young still.

You are a nice friend EWBL :D

carronin said...

Congratulations Jams!!
I don't mean to toot my own horn here but next week I'll be celebrating 17 years of marital bliss.

In toady's world I consider that quite an accomplishment.Yeah for me and Jams.

Elizabeth-W said...

Most sincere congratulations!! Maybe you could offer some sage words of wisdom on how you make it work.

A Payne said...

The best thing I learned from Captain and Tennille is that I had better shop around. They told me,

"Try to get yourself a bargain, girl
Don't be sold on the very first one
Good-looking guys come a dime a dozen
Try to find you one who's gonna give you true lovin'."

Oh boy and did I ever take their advice. 10 YEARS AND GOING STRONG!

Go Jams!

jams o donnell said...

Aww shucks again (face blushing) Thanks to all of you for your kind words. The not wife is touched by your consideration.

I'm 42 on the run. I turn 44 next March and yet I feel like a sprightly 90 year old!

Congratulations in advance for your 17th anniversary Caronin, I hope you have a great day.

Elizabeth how 25 years? I think what does help is that we have pretty similar world outlooks. Perhaps also because we are equally dysfunctional!

Seriously I am really touched by all the kind words, thankyou

No Cool Story said...

EWBL: Blogger is indeed trying to build a wall between us.
It's almost like it's jealous or something.
Or maybe, just maybe, the Marie/Satanists/Rachel Ray crazed fans have collectively ask Blogger to stop you and everything that is dear to you (like me, because I’m top of your linkie list). Maybe they paid a large bounty your precious little blog Elastic!
Or maybe I just need to eat some breakfast before I blog.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Well, I like topics of human interest and who doesn't enjoy a nice love story? Enjoy the upcoming weekend jams!

NCS- I know, right? I suspect evil forces beyond the mortal realm are hard at work. Because what blogger built, let no MAN tear asunder.

Thanks everybody for participating in the anniversary shoutout special! Anytime I can find an excuse to reference Muskrat Love I seize upon it!

Mimo said...

Congratulations Jams and Mrs. Jams!