Saturday, January 13, 2007

That's What Friends Are For

In good times and bad times, I'll be by your side forever more. Well, maybe not. I'm not one of your Psychic Friends either. But I do qualify as your designated "Friend In Low Places." And I would never do to you what the "friends" in the video below do.
Justice vs. Simian - We Are Your Friends

This video weaves a cautionary tale against drinking yourself into a stupor. At least not in the company of your "friends." Wait for the video to hit 1:30, and look for the black cat flying through the air to cue the synchronized chaos that transpires with a funky club groove playing in the background. The worst inebriated mayhem I ever witnessed was the unfortunate passed out 19 year old who got his eyebrows shaved off. And a few slobbering drunk sleeping individuals that experienced a golden shower. No, in this video I came to the conclusion that using bookcases as dominoes makes alcoholism so much worse. It's my public service announcement for advocating the liberal usage of beer in my last post. No, this wasn't court ordered. Nor do I have to take on coaching duties for a rag tag group of misfit hockey players. :)

So, speaking of friends, Malaysian blogger friend, SYAR, is feeling utterly despondent over the damage done to her car in a parking lot.......again. I hereby award her the "Cap'n Crunch" box styled trophy for her driving skills. Like Cap'n Crunch, Syar also stays crunchy in milk, and features a prize inside too! Leave a few comforting words for Syar in her rare moment of melancholy and despair. Because, after all, isn't that what friends are for?


No Cool Story said...

The video was so wrong...but your tale of worst inebriated mayhem you witnessed was much much WRONGER, I might have to clean my eyes with bleach.
I know understand why you pled on your last post to "not tell your Bishop", boy, beer is bad, I'm glad I just use it for my hair :P

B(l)oogger is being a pain, can’t get to Syar’s blog, cybery non-weird hugs to her. said...

Once when Simon was passed out drunk I put a wig on him (which he had earlier refused to wear) and then took a picture.... he always tries to delete the photo from our computer but I saved it in several places... mighty entertaining.

Drunk people are always so accomodating, especially when they pass out.

mullet said...

i just call to say i love you...and i mean it from the bottom of my bowels... passing out....that is called rape

jams o donnell said...

Agreed bookcases are not meant to be used as dominoes and a warning label should be put on every bookcase henceforth!

Ach I've was in such stupors all too often in my youth, While I still drink it is usually in reasonable moderation now... Honest. That said I did get hammered at the Robyn concert at the Three kings concert.. more than doubling the number of online people I've now met in the flesh may have helped that process!

To be honest I can't face too much alcohol now - it takes me a few days to get over a session.

Rhonda said...

Luckily, none of my friends are this "clever" or industrious.

compulsive writer said...

Hmmmmm. With friends like that...

carronin said...

I'm going to show this video to my teenager son and say. "See, this is why you should never drink, bad things happen to people who get drunk."

elasticwaistbandlady said...

NCS-Beer for your hair? Super Happy Girl would be appalled to know that you're revealing all of your deep dark beauty secrets. I had one wild year of my life before settling down with my beloved and patient Papi who showed me the Gospel. Good things come in packages from south of the border! :)

on the run-Papi doesn't drink but he sleeps really soundly. One time I got out my black eyeliner pencil (that I never use) and decorated his belly button with sun rays like Dennis Rodman. (click on the link at your own ocular peril!) He didn't find it nearly as funny as I did. Hey, I could have a used a permanent Sharpie. But I was nice enough not to.

mullet-Fine. I'll see your cornball song lyrics, and raise you one early 90's ditty. Because I'm Missing you too. Where you been?

jams-I recommend you to stick to beer bread. It's a Vegan friendly recipe too. No milk or eggs. Tell me, how many online people have you actually met? Was it weird or were they just like their online personas? Do you only have Robyn in common, or is there more? Did you all wear funky shirts to the concert as a show of support for Robyn? Was not wife your designated driver?

rhonda- That's because we're older and more mature now. I imagine 30 something drunks puke discreetly in potted plants and start trying to do breakdancing moves.

compulsive- Well, on the bright side, if they ever need a cheap demolition crew, they know who to call.

carronin- Amen.

jams o donnell said...

I have met 7 people I have spoken to online. The first person I got speaking to online (whne I was accessing teh internet via cable tv) came down and spent a pleasant weekend here a couple of years ago, the others are via music groups, mainly Robyn related. It was all nice and pleasan, one of them lives about a mile away so we meet up every so often for a beer or two

Actually some did wear loud shirts, I wore a jumper over a Hawkwwind t shirt (I wear robyn t shirs ar Hawkwind!).. the not wife doesnt drink but luckily no need for designated drivers as the tube (subwau) and train took us home!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

jams- You wore a jumper over your T-shirt? I bet you looked quite fetching!

Syar said...

Hey, I just saw this! Cap'n Crunch! This makes me feel LOADS better and I got over the accident two weeks ago. Thanks Elastic, you are the KEWLEST. And thanks also to no cool story.