Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Choose The Right And Choose The "Get Right" Too!

Today's song is brought to you by none other than Miss J To The Lo herself. If you're thinking at this moment, "But Infidel, you're a fat white chick. This isn't your style at all," you'd be gravely mistaken. I do like to mix it up sometimes, yo. However, I've never gotten "Jiggy With It" no matter how many times Will Smith has asked me to.

This song has blaring horns in it, which I love whole-heartedly. It also held the distinguished honor of being the Official Rump-Shaking Song Of 2005 for the Infidel household. Goodness knows I'll never forget the time I downloaded this little beauty to Papi's cell phone thus displacing his yawnarific standard issue Nokia ring tone. The shocked look on Papi's face when it started blaring in Sunday School was well worth the dollar download fee. It's almost as sweet as when I substituted a little Snoop Doggy Dogg jam on his cell last year and it went off letting everyone in the conference room think that my Papi was "rollin with tha dogg pound." I bought him some much needed street cred with that one. Awwwwww, YEAH! Good times.


A Payne said...

I have my computer speakers up full blast! The pictures are banging against the wall. The subwoofer below my desk just blew my socks off!

Kimberly said...

Lovin' the mental picture of your sweatheart's shocked look in Sunday School. You is such a nut bar.

carronin said...

Annie and I were talking the other day that we are having J.Lo withdrawls.Where have you gone Miss J come back to us soon.

jams o donnell said...

Tsk Tsk Ewbl - Much as I am so not into this sort of thing... and yet my own bum has the urge to shake.. Not a pretty sight I can attest!

No Cool Story said...

You know, I was just thinking about making today a J.Lo. Day too. A J.LO. free day, that is.


elasticwaistbandlady said...

a payne- Have you gotten up on your computer desk to shake it to the J.Lo beat yet?

Kimberly- I like to keep things interesting around here. It makes Papi more alert because he never knows what, when, or how I'll strike next.

carronin- She's hitched to everyone's favorite cadaverous looking Latino singer, Marc Anthony. Together they're busy making ho-hum music that is just catchy enough to drive you insane trying to wash it out of your brain.

jams- Don't fight the feeling!

NCS- Okay, we'll make it a J.Lo free day and in its place we'll declare Tuesdays to be JELL-O Day! Yay!!! Hands off my lime jello, NCS. I don't want to have to give you a Jell-O smackdown and ruin our friendship.

No Cool Story said...

I keed Elsatic! I keed because I love (but I tease because the voices tell me to).

JLo is fine, actually the other day I heard a song on XM by her that was pretty a'ight. I even rewinded it, :)