Saturday, May 05, 2007

And On This Day In History, A Sunbum Was Born Unto Us

Yes, today marks the annual beer-swilling Mexi fiesta known as Cinco De Mayo. But, here at La Casa De Infidel, we instead focus in on celebrating the birth of our oldest mini-Infidel, Sunbum! Lucky Sunbum, born on 05-05-95, has the only birthdate that Papi can remember out of all his chillens. Two years ago, her birthday fell on the triple nickel, 05-05-05. Guess what her favorite number is?
On a Friday afternoon, twelve years ago today, I lay in a birthing room at Houston's historic Hermann Hospital which overlooks the Houston Zoo and Sam Houston Park. The soap opera "Bold And The Beautiful" played on the TV, and I watched it to distract myself from the powerful force that had put me into active labour only hours before.......Papi's homemade spicy quesadillas. It's hard to suffer through contractions, stomach cramps, and butt burn all at the same time. I distinctly recall feeling terrified to push when the Doctor told me to because of 'intestinal' fears. So, as my modest self struggled with having feet in metal stirrups and being the unwilling star of the 'Exposed Infidel Hoo-Hoo Show', I concentrated on the Cinco De Mayo festivities playing out directly under the birthing torture chamber. Papi ran interference from window to bed relaying all the goings on. The park was crowded with colorfully dressed people engaging in traditional Mexican folkloric dances, Maypole weaving, and some old-fashioned mariachi action. I could only hear the festivities in between my own pathetic whimpering. And then, just a few scant hours after entering the hospital, Sunbum emerged! At 7 pounds, Sunbum had the lowest birth weight of all the mini-Infidels, but she quickly gained ground, doubling her poundage within a few months.
If you ever chance to play Flag Football with Sunbum, watch your back! She's a defensive wonder and a hard throwing force to reckon with.
Sunbum isn't the fastest runner, but her stealthy kickball maneuvers showed that she could kick azz at kickball. Many a time, the ball went soaring into the ether after Sunbum kicked it, paving the way for several runs. In the off season though, Sunbum enjoys reading immensely. So much so, that she often completes a book a day. Sunbum will now enter the Young Women program at Church having fulfilled all her Faith In God requirements, and will interview for her first Temple recommend tomorrow! She's also going to Girls Camp with the Church in June. My baby is growing up. *sniff* Sunbum at Christmas. Look at that sweet face as she closely examines the new sports bra that Santa stuffed into her stocking. Isn't it ironic that people stuff bras while Santa stuffs stockings with bras?
Sunbum also holds rank as the mighty leader over the entire Infidel spork fighting ninja squad. She has trained her ninja underlings in the ancient art of spork fighting and making constipated, yet fierce, facial expressions.
Lookie here, even Mr. T is getting in on the Sunbum Birthday celebration! He pities the fool that don't wish Sunbum a Happy Birthday. Forget about lame Cinco De Mayo parties. In fact, just cross Cinco De Mayo off your calendar entirely, and replace it with something more meaningful and important..... Sunbum's Birthday!

The music selection today is one of Sunbum's favorites by Zayra Alvarez. You know, that chick who performed so sucky on Rockstar:Supernova. It turns out that when she sings her own songs in her native Spanish, instead of bastardizing classic rock music in English, she's quite good. Her CD enjoyed a creative boost from a Houston influence too. Blue October.


mcewen said...

Oh Great! Nice to see y'all! Happy birthday.
best wishes

Radioactive Jam said...

Happy birthday to the one and only world famous Sunbum!

And apologies to Mum Of Sunbum for my AWOLness. Consider me properly (and deservedly) chastised and repentant, and like Ahnold, "I'll be back."

No Cool Story said...

Happy Birthday Sunbum!! You were born on the day of mariachis and Mexican folkloric dances, you have achieved leadership of the Infidel spork fighting ninja squad, you are on your way to the top of the Stick Figure Pyramid. You are a Young Woman now.


PS: As always Elastics, great music choice. You are my music guru.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!

fun pics.

i have been enjoying some of your wild words for the past couple weeks. especially choice was your "butt sweat" comment on kimberly's blog a couple days ago. that really chuckled me.

since you had a crush on john travolta, you might enjoy reading my post today (7 things meme dork moments). he is in one of my moments.

~thanks for sharing your wild sense of humor. take care, kathleen :)

Toni said...

Happy Birthday to SunBum! Sounds like you have an awesome daughter! You must be beaming with pride!

Love the pictures! said...

Happy Birthday Sunbum...

I like Zayra too, I liked her on that show though because she was so dang entertaining.

luckyzmom said...

Happy Birthday to Sunbum.

My husband got a "hey. How you guys do-un?" from Cheech Marin last night as he walked by on his way with his guitar to the showroom to perform and celebrate Sunbums birthday at the casino where my husband is a floor boss.

omar said...

Happy birthday, Sunbum!

Please don't pity me, Mr. T.

Kimberly said...

A very cheery Happy Birthday to the leader of the Infidel pack.

I you're very, very good, Sunbum, your Mom might share her birthday chocolate with you.

Burg said...

Happy birthday to Sunbum!

b. said...

Ohhh...Happy Birthday SunBum! 'lastic.....she is BEAUTIFUL!

jams o donnell said...

A belated happy birthday to Sunbum. I hope she had a great day. Conversely, my sister turns 50 today... Time flies doesn't it!

Ah great to see the spork ninja photo! So which one was Sporktacus????

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Sunbum! I would have wished happy birthday yesterday but alas I did not know and was too busy celebrating the day with a margarita or three to get online.

BarnGoddess said...

I hope SunBum had a marvelous b-day!!

tell her so from one taurus to another, we rock.

she is beautiful, I bet your one proud mama

Sketchy said...

A very Merry UnBirthday to you
to you
A very Merry UnBirthday to me
to me
Now blow the candles out my dear and make your dreams come truuuuuue!
A very Merry UnBirthday toooooo YOU!

('cause see I'm a day late...)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

We partied it up right with Sunbum yesterday.........buffet style! Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

Jams, your 'Sporktacus' remark cracked me up.

Chris said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Sunbum!

People who were born on May 5 are always so warm, so good to be with, so darn loveable. I should talk less about me. Whee!

Amber said...

A very happy birthday to Sunbum. To share your birthday with one of the biggest parties Well, biggest parties minus MY birthday, of course! :-)

Cute pictures!!

carronin said...

Hope your Birthday was fantastic Sunbum. It's awesome having your Birthday on Cinco de Mayo it like the big ol party is just for you.

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday, Sunbum! Thanks for sharing her birth story. I guess it's better that Santa stuffs bras into stockings than if he was stuffing a bra for himself! ;)

Illiterate Millie said...

I'm late, but I hope your day was great, Sunbum!

I will tell you that for a long time, when I looked at "Sunbum" I thought your name was really "Sunburn."

Because I am illiterate.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Sunbum is her chosen hippie name. Everyone should have a hippie name, don't you think? Personally, I'm partial to Tie-Dye Titty.

toni said...

LOL! I have a "Kevin Bacon" of sorts. My dh worked with a lady in Chicago who was dating Mr. T.
I don't think he wore his sombrero for her though.
(sent here by Toni1)