Friday, June 15, 2007

Music today provided by the smoooooth soul sound of one Mr. Al B. Sure. The video cracked me up because it totally embodies the late 80's. Ready for the video checklist?
Girl in micro mini dress with big POOF hair-Check
Guy trying to act macho cool when he sings with a girly falsetto voice-Check
Lame dance moves-Check
Guy wearing thick gold chain and a tank top-Check
Guy in acid wash jeans-Check
Guy flipping up his collar while making his lips poochy like a fish-Check
Sunglass snap on-snap off action that predates CSI's Horatio Cane-Check
Guy trying to act tough while wearing a preppy dork sweater-Check
People snapping their fingers and doing that shoulder shake thing-Check
Guy wearing crustache and sporting a mean looking unibrow-Check
Okay, hold up. Even in the 80's that unibrow and crustache thing wasn't cool. You'd think that with the entourage of stylists Al B. Sure had, that somebody would have said, "Oh, no PLUCKING way can we have you looking like that. Somebody bring me some mega tweezers right now!"
No matter, I still liked him and bought his debut on cassette and then bought it again later on CD. That's right, sucka, I did it and I admit it. Hey, I wanted to give the brother a helping hand because electrolysis don't come cheap.


Anna Maria Junus said...

But if you look real close he doesn't have a unibrow. He has a quadrabrow.

aubrey said...

what the hey. why have i never even heard of this guy? look at that fab unibrow. hot stuff!

carronin said...

Oops, I thought these last two posts were one in the same.