Sunday, May 11, 2008

And Then Their Mother Suddenly Ran Away To Join The Up With People Cult......

Sox-Crazed Maniacs Sock Exchange Update:
I'll be making every effort to get your buddy information e-mailed to you by this evening or early morning. I still haven't decided what system I should use to pair everyone up.
I was going to consult the always mystical and always amazing Magic 8 Ball for help but my Christian heritage warned me against using such a powerful force of divinification.
That means I'll be playing 'Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make Me A Match, Catch Me A Catch, Find Me A Find' using more scientific means.

I know I promised Sock Buddy info. by Saturday but my Mom unexpectedly scored some free tickets to an Up With People performance last night and really how could I turn that down?
Sing it with me now......"Up, Up With Peeeooopppllee!"
Not only has the Up With People movement traveled the world since 1965 bringing messages of peace and assisting in various community projects but the founders are also the sons of famed actor, Anthony Quinn and they themselves are the fathers of our absolute favorite Infidel group, Hector On Stilts. It's all connected, people.
Here's a sample of the musical finery that Hector On Stilts is packing.

Watch for the e-mail from me. That's your checkered flag to begin the Sox Swappin Action!


glittersmama said...

I humbly suggest the draw names out of a sock method.

Or you could throw all of the names up in the air and the ones that land the closest together are matched.

Tracy said...

I was going to suggest drawing the names out of a hat but glittersmamas idea of pulling them out of a sock seemed more fitting since this is a sock exchange.
Oh I am so excited about this! I already have my socks ordered and can't wait to mail them out!
I was relieved to see that you hadn't sent out emails yet. I was all worried that I had been forgotten.
Get on it! I'm on a sock high!

Hey It's Di said...

Oh, I was thinking you should search, ponder and pray about this sox match thing.

Speaking of matching sox, I suck at it. My kids are always wearing mismatched ones:(

Melissa said...

Hurray for socks! I will be eagerly sitting by my inbox waiting for your email :)

Nancy Face said...

I hope you had a great time! :)

I got my email...yay, the hunt begins! :D