Friday, October 10, 2008

I Cast Ye Out, You Demons Of Inferior Mommyhood.....BE GONE!

So, on Tuesday, the youngest chillens of my mini-Infidel tribe darkened the doorstep of a public school for the very first time in their entire lives........and they lived to go forth and bring home more TAKS (State Testing) review worksheets another day.

I need to learn that it's not possible to do everything all at once. It's just not. I can't effectively give my kids what they need in the area of homeschooling when I'm juggling several jobs and fighting to maintain a somewhat orderly household.

The mini-Infidels have adapted well to a school environment which is enough relief to counter balance my feelings of being a complete and total failure.

It's difficult to send off children you've birthed at home and held close for so many years to the same institution you loathed and withdrew your older kids from.

The youngest, Melody, walked in the door after her first day of Kindergarten, threw up her arms and loudly announced, "Everyone in my class LOVES me!"

Melody didn't learn important things under my tutelage- like mastering reading skills- but at least I can take full credit for nurturing her very healthy self-esteem.