Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Wrestled With Your Angels--On Easter Day, No Less!

Have you ever found yourself wondering what West Side Story would be like if the Sharks and the Jets were replaced by Maori Indians in pink shirts rivaling for the coveted "King of the Big Balls" title against another gang of native New Zealanders?
Have you ever pondered the state of bowling alley facilities on an international scale?
Have you ever decided to start crooning lovely yet heartbreaking songs while spraying foot funk disinfectant and wearing your monogrammed bowling shirt?
Have you ever wanted to enjoy an all-access backstage pass to a bowling alley but you thought you'd have to be a roadie and do naughty things with the alley manager for the privilege?
Really? Well, that makes you slightly odd like me.........but, on a brighter note, I did find the perfect video for us to enjoy!

I'm so glad to discover that bowling alleys in New Zealand look exactly like those in America. Whew! I don't think I could have gone on living another day without getting verifiable video proof.

(This should definitely qualify under the category of: "Learn Something New Every Day.")


Carrot Jello said...

Easter. It's all about...bowling.

Elizabeth-W said...

She is too cute. But I'm confused. Are the bowlers really angels?

Millie said...

"foot funk disinfectant" gets the Millie Seal of Awesomeness.

Klin said...

Love Millie's comment.

New Zealanders bowl? Who knew. One more reason to go there.

J-Mom said...

I also enjoyed Millie's comment.

I also don't "get" the video, but did enjoy her voice.

Nancy Face said...

Oh, man! I LOVED this! I'll have to show Kris Face later...his mission was in New Zealand, and he had the best experiences with his awesome Maori friends! :)