Friday, November 17, 2006

Deja Vu

So, my much sought after Astro van is back in the limelight once again!

Remember this post from September detailing the steady flow of men knocking on our door in the hopes of making all their green dented mini van dreams come true? Well, it happened again last Saturday. Our neighbor has a maintenance guy repairing his house, and he sent the man over to look at our roof, and estimate the cost. He promised to return later in the afternoon, so when we heard the rapt tapping on the door, I assumed it must be the roofing guy. No. My oldest daughter excitedly yelled out, "It's somebody asking to buy our van again!" I glared at her and said, "Shut Up! It's just the roofing guy from next door."

I opened the door, and there stood an unassuming Hispanic man, nervously twisting the ends of his flannel shirt in his hands. In broken, halting English he asked me if our van was for sale. The kids,right behind me, and listening to every word, broke out in wild applause and began pumping their fists in the air while screaming, "I knew it! I knew it!" The poor guy just stood there with a confused smile, as I had to gently break his heart, and tell him that the van and I have a very special working relationship that no man could tear asunder.

I wonder if this happened to the owners of the now defunct Ford Pinto, or the Gremlin when production was halted? Doesn't everyone mourn the loss of highly combustible cars? Should I have stockpiled Astro vans for the great Chevrolet mini van drought of 2006? I'm off to consult with my Magic 8 Ball, who knows all, and sees all.


Elizabeth-W said...

Or the Chevy NO-VA?!

No Cool Story said...

I think you should count all the letters on this post, divided that number by 3.87, multiply that by 16, and she what it says.

You are so welcome.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm a typical American with lower than average math skills compared to those from third world countries NCS. You'll have to do those fancy computations with your superior math knowledge for me.

elizabeth- Secretly, I always wanted an El Camino. They don't make those anymore either. I wonder if El Camino owners get unsolicited knocks on their door about selling too?